Image of Original Spirograph Box


A Spirograph is a drawing toy that produces geometric mathematical curves and shapes. It was developed by British engineer Denys Fisher and first sold back in 1965.

“Spirograph” term has also been used to describe a variety of software applications that display similar curves. It has also been applied to the class of curves that can be produced with the drawing equipment, the name has been a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc., since they took over and bought the Denys Fisher company.

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Box open of a Rainbow Loom Craft Toy

Rainbow Loom

Sometimes the simple toys and old favourites of simple rubber bands can comeback with a new slant this time they have in the form of Rainbow Loom, Rainbow Loom are colourful rubber bands which allow you to create your own unique charms, rings and bracelets.

The Rainbow Loom is great fun for kids to teens. It allows you to turn colourful rubber bands into your own jewellery creations with easy to follow, simple instructions. Each kit includes a Rainbow Loom, 600 assorted colourful rubber bands, RBL hook and C- Clips which enable you to have fun while creating your own individual designs. There are loads of cool, funky unique designs to make and various combinations to create! Check Price @ AmazonView the contents of a standard Rainbow Loom Toy Box open of a Rainbow Loom Craft Toy

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Developer of Toy Soldiers buys rights from Microsoft

The software developer Signal Studios, who are behind popular Xbox Live Arcade titles Toy Soldiers and the follow-up Toy Soldiers: Cold War, have purchased the rights to the games and the Toy Soldiers IP, so now they have complete control.

Now they own the full rights they have decided the first move is to launch Toy Soldiers: Complete on PC. So now you can currently grab Toy Soldiers: Complete on Steam in early access form for $9.99. Complete bundles include Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldier: Cold War, and the DLC released for the games including Kaiser’s Battle, Invasion, Napalm, and Evil Empire. Complete also allows Toy Soldiers and Cold War players to compete in multiplayer, and adds content and weapons from the second game into the first. The original Toy Soldiers also released on Steam as a standalone game in 2012.

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Buckaroo is a children’s game where you take turns and use your skill to take turns in placing small items and hooking, securing, sitting them on a mule without the mule being knocked or vibrations which can make the mule kick/trigger the spring inside and the items will be thrown off and the player loses that round of the game.

Buckaroo was always a favourite game of mine, because it included chance, anticipation and small amount of skill in which items would you pick and see if you could balance them and outwit the other players. It was similar in respect of a trigger/spring system to the Pop-up Pirate toy which was also quite good and also very frustrating at the same time if you were on a losing streak.

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Glo Worm

Glo Worm was a stuffed toy released in 1982 by Hasbro Playskool arm and was aimed at young children. The Glo Worm soft worm like body contained a small battery, when squeezed the toy would light up the vinyl toys head from with a soft glow.

The toy proved very popular and a number of books, night lights and merchandise followed and continued through till 1990.

In 2005 the range received bad press when the plastic head design was found to contain phthalates within the plastic to increase durability, these can be dangerous if swallowed by kids, at the time these were used in many plastic toys and are now phased out.

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The Simpsons 25th Birthday results in cool new toys and LEGO sets

The iconic Simpsons series from Twentieth Century Fox celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. And it has been announced that NECA will release a limited edition range of figures, collectibles, novelty items, and apparel merchandise, based around 25 of the greatest celebrity guest stars to appear on The Simpsons.

The first figures will be available in March 2014, with further groups of five released each quarter of this year in limited numbers.

Homer Simpson Mr Potato Head Toy

A deal has also been announced with Promotional Partners Worldwide which will see Homer Simpson immortalised as a Mr Potato Head toy! I think this is quite cool and I would certainly buy a homer potato head if I had a child at the target age. The product will be six inches in height and feature his iconic white shirt, blue trousers, and donut.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toys coming soon

So depending on your age you may remember Ghostbusters or must of seen at sometime the Ghostbuster films on TV, well a new range of Toys have been announced after the Marshmallow Fun Company have agreed a new deal with Sony Entertainment which allows them to feature Ghostbuster Toys in a new range.
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Money box, new toys coming soon
It has been 30 years since the first Ghostbusters film back in 1984 Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray were included in the movie where they protect New York from paranormal critters. Imdb Link

If you ask people of a certain age what do they think of when you say Ghostbusters, the answer is the theme Go Ghostbusters, Slimer, or the huge Marshmallow character from the film.

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Toy Story Woody branded terror threat UK

So who would of thought the Hero that is Woody from Toy Story fame would be accused of links to possible terror links – So at Heathrow in the UK it is claimed an Airport security worker confiscated the weapon from the children’s character and then as they were told:

The parent said the toy was his son’s and they were told nothing resembling a weapon of “any size” can go through airport security.

Now of course people are only doing their jobs and they should always take threats or possible risks seriously and they can choose to remove any item they like but come on people how small and dangerous is a tiny solid, non real weapon anyway. Perhaps this was a case of one worker taking the rules to the full extent.

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Disney Sued Again infridgement of huggable bear

The one and only Disney Enterprises is being sued again, this time the issue centres around one of the characters used in the the 2010 film Toy Story 3. In the movie a villain was a fluffy purple bear called Lotso.

The naming of Lotso is the main focus of dispute for NJ based toy company Diece-Lisa Ind (DLI) – As according to them they have a licensed, patented and protected trademark line of cuddly toys named ‘Lots of Hugs’ and have held this since 1995. They claim the Lotso character in the film is a copy and imitation of its line of protected toy range.

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