10 toys for Christmas as selected by well known UK store John Lewis

UK stores always seem more willing to make a guess on what some of the must have toys for Christmas could be. Without a clear Elmo or Toy Story must have, and in these crazy and weird times. Many stores instead prefer to mention a few trending toys and popular products, so that they can hedge their bets and aim to keep online stock levels good for all.

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I do enjoy a browse or visit to John Lewis some stuff is a little higher but the exclusive buys especially on Lego deals only they have, and some great tech price matched, keeps me coming back. And for those friends and family abroad, I can send items internationally without any issues. continue reading>>

Harry Potter Magical Capsule Collectable

Harry Potter toys are always welcome with newer fans every season discovering the iconic books, films and toys. The Harry Potter surprise collectable is seven surprises including a different Hogwarts character. I have not been able to find these in any stores or toy shops, they seem to be a popular toy during the lock down 2020 season.

Get set for the latest craze in collectables with the Harry Potter Magical Capsules! Unbox and collect these enchanting witches, wizards, magical creatures, and accessories from the wizarding world. continue reading>>

Na Na Na Surprise Plush Collectable Toys

Na Na Na Toys are one of the new toy crazes in 2020. After the huge success of LOL Surprise, it’s not a surprise (see what we did there) that the toy company behind them is launching a new collectable announcing for 2020 Na Na Na Surprise Dolls! – These have been sold out across the US and everywhere and seem to be one of the must have toys so far this year.

What are Na Na Na Surprise Dolls?

So the maker is building on the LOL method of making the suspense and opening part of the experience, I wonder how much is lost on the kids with the layers but I think its a good thing, wait, check, see, wow. continue reading>>

Hasbro announces combined Q2 2020 Results

Hasbro the toy giant aquirred Entertainment One (eone) and has announced the first combined results. These have of course been heavily impacted by the covid crisis.

Net revenues for the second quarter 2020 were $860.3m versus $1.2b pro forma revenues in 2019, a decrease of 29%. Hasbro says foreign exchange had a $15.8m negative impact on Q2 revenues, and that a bottom line net loss for the second quarter 2020 was $33.9m versus pro forma net loss of $42.6m in 2019. So not great but still fairly good compared to many sectors. continue reading>>

Argos UK to stop printing physical product catalogue

If you are based in the UK or have been to the UK you may of noticed just about every town and retail park has an Argo store for house items large and small and is hugely popular with people to source Toys all year round but especially at Christmas time.

I know many kids who used to flick, rip and turn through the plastic sweet smelling catalogue and you wished for a certain toy, play-set, video game or console, to help the nagging and making sure your parents knew the one you wanted. You wouldn’t want the wrong Furby, Gremlin, Muppet etc. continue reading>>

New StarWars products have been announced Aug 30th

If you are into your StarWars toys and merchandise,or know a little person who is. Then the recent announcement by StarWars might be of interest if you are based in the US. They are exclusive to Target and Target.com – So there Walmart :p

Starting August 30th 2020 make sure to look for the Trading Outpost collection in stores and online for toys, collectables, fashion items, books, and more, all expanding on the stories and excitement of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Part of the attack on Scarif and the Death Star, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge droid gets the super-cute POP! bobblehead treatment. continue reading>>

Heroes of Goo Jit Zoo

Hereos of Goo Jit Zoo from Marvel Superheroes could just be the gooiest, stretchiest, and squishiest Superheroes ever. We know lots of kid like soft goo, sticky things so how about this must have toy craze, of superhero goo designs with different characters to make sure lots of noise and play is had whilst playing with this different toys.
At least it will keep them off their screens right for a while anyway. These are predicted to be very popular in 2020.

Wolfpain Heroes of Goo Jit-Zu Figure
Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Figure - Thrash

Get ready for world of goo super battles and playtime fun with a super squishy goo-filled Hero from the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu figures. continue reading>>

Pictionary Air Game

Did you used to play classic Pictionary, well now you can treat yourself and give Pictionary Air a play with your family. Instead of drawing on paper and rushing and what is that supposed to be, you can save thr trees by
drawing in the air and the drawing, sketch, will show on the app installled on you smartphone or tablets!

All you need to do is point the in-app camera at the person attempting to draw and they will appear along with the ‘drawing’ on the screen, seems cool to me.

Pictionary Air Box Image

The set includes one Pictionary Air pen, 112 double-sided clue cards, card box and instructions. And of course if you have extra cards or add on cards from previous family times or gifts that is fine. continue reading>>

Lego Friends Theme Sets

Lego Friends is a Lego Theme of different sets for kids of all ages, although it was started to be aimed more at girls and to capture the girl market. The theme of ‘Lego Friends’ began in 2012 and at the current time there have been 258 different sets, and on checking online I can see 58 listed, plenty of choice of locations, animals, characters to let kids build, play, and interact.

If you are looking for the Friends Central Perk Set from the TV show made from Lego which was released in Sept 19 as part of the 25th Anniversary click here. continue reading>>