Hamleys 2022 Christmas Toy Favourites?

Hamleys the well-known London Toy Store has decided to announce some of their Christmas Toy picks ahead of the festive season. Their top toys are perfect for tech-loving teens to teeny toddlers and of course the older big kids as well.

Roller Disco Peppa

An Oink-fantastic gift for Christmas! This roller skating, disco dancing, groovy Peppa Pig is the perfect toy to complete your gift-buying guide this festive season.

Visit Toy at Hamleys [Link]

Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck

Your little ones can get creative this Christmas with the ultimate Play-Doh ice cream truck party! Have you always dreamed of running your own ice cream truck? Now’s your chance to scoop, sprinkle and serve those sweet (Play-Doh) treats…! continue reading>>

London Lego Store Leicester Square with 880,000 Brick Tree!

The London Lego Flagship store re-opened on 10th August 2022. Following some major Lego extension brickwork and technical Lego action allowing it is bigger than before. With better flow for customers and more space for new 3D Lego Builds and plenty of customisation Lego items.

Lego Store Tree of Discovery

London Lego Flagship Tree of Discovery

A stunning store centre piece, which brings back bygone memories of Toysrus in New York for me, if you know what I mean.

Here the Lego London centrepiece is an 880,000 Tree of Discovery and visitors are invited to explore a magical wonderland through the various windows in the rainbow tree trunk. continue reading>>

Ten toys that have increased thousands of percent from launch

Most of us remember having a favourite toy as a child that might of been a bear or doll, or action figure to a transformer. I wish I had treated some of my toys better and kept them or persuaded my parents to keep a few more. Of course, I didn’t listen when I was told to keep a stunning toy car in its box – unplayed with, no chance.

If you are lucky enough to have a box of treats in the loft or attic or garage where some of this might of been saved from the elements and from the paws of other kids… you could have a profitable item on your hands. continue reading>>

Lego Creator Gingerbread House

If you are looking for a Christmas-themed Lego set for 2021 or just a fan of Lego or Gingerbread houses then this set is great. And I am proud to say I own this Lego Creator Expert 10267 set. So far only been built once as 2020 was my first time.

This kit is so detailed and well-designed with figures and if you press down the chimney then the fireplace will light up. This will look great in my office as part of my Lego background, and I plan on using this as a family tradition to build each year. continue reading>>

10 toys for Christmas as selected by well known UK store John Lewis

UK stores always seem more willing to make a guess on what some of the must have toys for Christmas could be. Without a clear Elmo or Toy Story must have, and in these crazy and weird times. Many stores instead prefer to mention a few trending toys and popular products, so that they can hedge their bets and aim to keep online stock levels good for all.

Lego @John Lewis|- |-| Lego US Link | Entertainer UK ToyShop

I do enjoy a browse or visit to John Lewis some stuff is a little higher but the exclusive buys especially on Lego deals only they have, and some great tech price matched, keeps me coming back. And for those friends and family abroad, I can send items internationally without any issues. continue reading>>

Harry Potter Magical Capsule Collectable

Harry Potter toys are always welcome with newer fans every season discovering the iconic books, films and toys. The Harry Potter surprise collectable is seven surprises including a different Hogwarts character. I have not been able to find these in any stores or toy shops, they seem to be a popular toy during the lock down 2020 season.

Get set for the latest craze in collectables with the Harry Potter Magical Capsules! Unbox and collect these enchanting witches, wizards, magical creatures, and accessories from the wizarding world. continue reading>>

Na Na Na Surprise Plush Collectable Toys

Na Na Na Toys are one of the new toy crazes in 2020. After the huge success of LOL Surprise, it’s not a surprise (see what we did there) that the toy company behind them is launching a new collectable announcing for 2020 Na Na Na Surprise Dolls! – These have been sold out across the US and everywhere and seem to be one of the must have toys so far this year.

What are Na Na Na Surprise Dolls?

So the maker is building on the LOL method of making the suspense and opening part of the experience, I wonder how much is lost on the kids with the layers but I think its a good thing, wait, check, see, wow. continue reading>>

Hasbro announces combined Q2 2020 Results

Hasbro the toy giant aquirred Entertainment One (eone) and has announced the first combined results. These have of course been heavily impacted by the covid crisis.

Net revenues for the second quarter 2020 were $860.3m versus $1.2b pro forma revenues in 2019, a decrease of 29%. Hasbro says foreign exchange had a $15.8m negative impact on Q2 revenues, and that a bottom line net loss for the second quarter 2020 was $33.9m versus pro forma net loss of $42.6m in 2019. So not great but still fairly good compared to many sectors. continue reading>>