10 toys for Christmas as selected by well known UK store John Lewis

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UK stores always seem more willing to make a guess on what some of the must have toys for Christmas could be. Without a clear Elmo or Toy Story must have, and in these crazy and weird times. Many stores instead prefer to mention a few trending toys and popular products, so that they can hedge their bets and aim to keep online stock levels good for all.

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I do enjoy a browse or visit to John Lewis some stuff is a little higher but the exclusive buys especially on Lego deals only they have, and some great tech price matched, keeps me coming back. And for those friends and family abroad, I can send items internationally without any issues.

Here I will recap most of the toy types so feel free to read my take on it, or click through to the article before they move or archive it.

Scooters have been very popular the last couple of years in the UK and for the parents they can join in with Electric scooters becoming more popular than ever. JL Link

Techie Train Set – Trains and cars are always popular toys, with this Brio train set with techie updates. You can record and activate your own or childs voices and sound effects. Brio is well known for the wooden track and toys with the round safe to use magnetic toys. JL Link

Coding Robot – Stimulate with simple problem solving and how to work things out from an early age, improve on childrens critical thinking and playtime. JL Link

Flashcards with feelings – Some toys or learning aids are best done with Flashcards and using animals and colours to help kids learn the basics. Getting them to talk and explain how they feel or might be feeling is not possible by digital screen and isolation. Talk and relate and be kind. JL Link

Earth Heroes Book – A nice book for older children but you can help discuss people and help them learn about well known people they may of picked-up on such as 20 environmental heroes from David Attenborough to Greta Thunberg. There is plenty of beautifully illustrated pictures to help inspire the next generation of eco activists.

Tactile Baby Toy – Help learning of colours and involve playtime with learning and recall. Shiny, bright and irresistibly tactile, this fun toy encourages children to express their emotions. ‘It’s a great tool to encourage open conversations about how kids are feeling, using the peacock’s feathers to articulate themselves.

Lego Gingerbread House – Lego is becoming my go to for people of all ages for Birthdays or Christmas – And I can 100% honestly say I own this Lego Creator Set and it is awesome. – I was looking around as you do for gift ideas for Must have toy content and hardtobuy people and saw this set.

I thought it looked great, the Christmas theme and high details and yes it was a little pricey at cough £80… but… I decided over some of the other sets this would come out every year without fail. Or maybe go in the office to theme it up. And as we have some custom minifigs of ourselves we can make it that bit more unique. – It went down well with the ‘boss’ so hopefully some long standing annual points.

It did take longer than I thought and is very detailed and comes in at 1477 pieces. The social reaction when it was finished by adding and tagging our own Lego MiniFigs, was pretty cool. – I also like the idea of the LED Light kits you can get, so I plan on keeping an eye on those in time for next and future years.

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Party Ready Doll – Some kids enjoy copying and pushing a doll or dolly around in a pushchair or feeding and caring for it. And nothing beats a classic doll and better still one that dazzles, or can interact or can be dressed up.

Baby Walker – Another classic toy and learning aid help your little person to toddle along and walk, complete with plenty of space to store with building blocks to help learn and play and build tall blocks.

Monopoly Board Game – A timeless favourite and the appeal for smaller people is the pretend money and prizes. There are so many different editions of Monopoly, and when I checked this year so many local and themed version as well. Treat yourself.