Air Swimmers Remote Control Toys Shark or Clown Fish

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Air Swimmers were very popular in Christmas 2011 sales, Toys R Us named them as their #2 toy in 2011!
These remote toys fly through and ‘swim’ through the air using their tail to help move around.

These helium filled aquatic animals float through the air in a life-like fashion. They come with a remote control and can provide hours of fun for your kids. These swimmers can ascend, descend and change direction with an infra-red controller. You can currently choose from a Clownfish or a Shark.

These will definitely be popular with the smaller kids and the Dads and larger family members too.
The choice is either a Shark or a Clown Fish – Make sure to buy these early and remember to buy a small helium tank to use at home or take them to your nearest Party Shop to have them inflated!!

Clown Fish or Shark Air Swimmer Popular Gift

The Air Swimmer Shark features:

  • Giant blow-up fish (57inches long and 36 inches tall)
  • Fish uses 1 x AAA battery (included)
  • Radio Control Transmitter uses 1 x 9 volt battery(included)
  • Full instructions for use

The most amazing radio-controlled product ever made! Fly the Giant Sized Shark around your house or work place and see people’s reactions! Simple to fly the RC controller enables you to make the Shark move left, right, and forward with ease. Incredibly manoeuvrable the fish is able to turn in very small spaces, so can easily swim around your house or office. A crash is no problem. Unlike other flying RC products the Shark just bounces off walls and other objects without damage.