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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet Green or Pink

LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet – Green, the personalized learning tablet just for kids with a built-in camera/video recorder.

A library of 100+ cartridge games, digital books, videos and flash cards (works with all Leapster Explorer games and apps).
Includes a built-in camera and video recorder.
2GB of memory, enabling it to host a robust suite of apps including: innovative UltraBook apps that provide a fully interactive, multimedia reading experience with word-by-word support and state-of-the-art gameplay.
A Story Studio to combine art, audio and writing.
LeapFrog 1 year Warranty. continue reading>>

Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends are every girl’s best friend – interactive robotic toys are proving popular this week. Full of personality that talk, dance, laugh and bring a new level of innovation to playtime. Made of soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements, girls can poke and squeeze a Fijit Friend for fun surprises. These charecters are the new doll interactive robots seem to be here to stay. With word recognition capability, Fijit Friends can understand and respond to more than 30 verbal commands, culling from more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes. continue reading>>

xia-xia surprise holiday must have toy

Xia-Xia are skitter-scattering, pitter-pattering, loveable, crazy crabs with shells and kooky friends to collect and trade. They combine the silly charm of a real hermit crab with an imaginative, playful twist.
Xia-Xia, pronounced Shah Shah, are being sold on average every seven seconds in the United States. Priced at $6-$12 these toys are becoming a craze and are appealing to the kids much in the same way of recent Christmas must haves but this time they are much more affordable… if you can buy them.Xia-Xia Turks Hermit Crab
Xia-Xia Trinidad Hermit Crab
The range features four crabs with 12 changeable shells which can crawl along and each has an extra mini-toy. continue reading>>

My Keepon

This little cute robot loves to boogie down to any type of music you play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cd, an instrument you play or your clapping hands. It’ll keep moving and grooving til the music stops. It comes with touch sensors all over and will react to touch, poking or tickling by showing you his mood and trying to find where the poking is coming from. Just like a real pet, when My Keepon wakes up, it will immediately try to grab your attention.

The My Keepon was one of the most popular requests in the run up to Christmas 2011. continue reading>>

LEGO Ninjago Christmas 2011 expected bestseller

Who doesnt like LEGO right? And with video games and the Internet taking over more of our own and childrens lives there is something nice about putting together something yourself or with your kids to then use your imagination or interact… for a periods of time at least but yes there is a iphone download as a backup.

If Ninjago is not your thing they have really overhauled the current series of packages available to suit and especially tailored girl related ranges.

Lego Ninjago 3 in 1 pack ideal giftLego Ninjago Blacksmith Shop

Four young ninjas against a Skeleton Army … the skeletons don’t stand a chance. The ninjas are trained in the ancient art of Spinjitzu; a powerful martial art where a ninja moves so fast, he becomes a tornado of motion. continue reading>>

Rock Elmo Popular This Christmas 2011

Everyone loves Elmo! Do you know what is better than talking to Elmo? Well Rocking with Elmo of course!

Rock out with Let’s Rock Elmo. Dressed in a concert-style tee, Elmo takes the stage singing and making music — and preschoolers can too. Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments — a tambourine and a drum set. Preschoolers can choose which instrument Elmo plays and he magically recognizes which one you give him. For even more rockin’ fun, Elmo also interacts with other Let’s Rock instruments, which are sold separately. He knows when you’re playing the Let’s Rock Guitar, Keyboard or Microphone and plays along with you. continue reading>>

Air Swimmers Remote Control Toys Shark or Clown Fish

Air Swimmers were very popular in Christmas 2011 sales, Toys R Us named them as their #2 toy in 2011!
These remote toys fly through and ‘swim’ through the air using their tail to help move around.

These helium filled aquatic animals float through the air in a life-like fashion. They come with a remote control and can provide hours of fun for your kids. These swimmers can ascend, descend and change direction with an infra-red controller. You can currently choose from a Clownfish or a Shark. continue reading>>