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View the toys which are going to be sell outs for Christmas 2012

Image of Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell

Lifelike dolls keep appearing on Childrens Christmas lists and this year (2012) is no exception. Baby Annabell from Zapf Creation is set to be one of the top toys for girls this year, she yawns, babbling and gurgling and she comes completed with a wide range of accessories. These really do help your child develop social skills and a sense of responsibility.

Image of Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell® is just like a real baby with realistic features and she now reacts to your voice! When you talk to Baby Annabell® she turns her head to the left or the right depending on where your voice is coming from. She babbles, gurgles and sucks on her dummy. When she drinks from the water-filled bottle she makes sucking sounds and once she has finished drinking, she burps and falls asleep. She slowly opens and closes her eyes. If she is woken by noise she cries – and real tears roll down her cheeks but singing soon hushes her. continue reading>>

Interactive Robot Toy

Vtech Gadget The Robot

Gadget The Interactive Robot from VTech is the latest interactive toy which helps children learn about letters, words, numbers and objects. With six different modes of play, lots of funny phrases and groovy dance moves, Gadget is the perfect learning pal for your child. Interactive Robot Toy This friendly, interactive robot comes with 30 learning chips which activate fun animations on his LCD screen. Kids can also twist Gadgets ears and eyes for sound effects and clap to watch him dance. Gadget the Robot is suitable for children aged 3 and up and requires 4 x AA batteries, which are included. Features: Twisting body and moving arms Moving eyes and ears Light up mouth Twisting nose Sound detector Secret door Animated LCD screen 30 x learning chips Backpack stores the learning chips.
Cudderly Cat Toy with interactive features

Cherry the Cat

Cherry the Cat is perfect for kids who would like a Cat or who would prefer to look after a ‘real’ cat instead of a doll or normal cuddly toy. Cherry the Cat is just so ‘real’! She meows, blinks her eyes and moves her ears. If you stroke her back and she swishes her tail and purrs contently.

Cudderly Cat Toy with interactive features

Feed her the fish biscuit and hear her chew. She gets scared and her body trembles. When she falls asleep you can hear her snores.

Comes complete with brush and fish biscuit accessories. You will need 4x AA batteries not included. continue reading>>

My Little Pony Royal Wedding Castle Playset

Do you have a child or grand child who loves playing or collecting My Little Ponies Pony? Well then maybe they would love a real Pony Castle Playset. My Little Pony Castle Play Set. Dress Princess Cadence and Shining Armor in their gowns and crowns then prepare the majestic castle for their fairy tale wedding ceremony. The pretty,  41cm tall play set  has moving parts and comes with lots of accessories, including a piano, chandelier and wedding cake, plus  two royal My Little Pony figures. New Toy for 2012 the My Little Pony Wedding Castle Contains 1x Bride, 1x Groom, 1x butterfly comb, 2x teacups, 1x teapot, 1x wedding cake, 1x table, 1x bouquet, 1x piano, 1x purse, 1x tuxedo, 1x groom crown, 1x bride crown, 1x dress, 2x rings, 1x necklace, 1x chandelier 1x sticker labels.

Twister Dance

So you know the game Twister, well now the latest version allows you to learn dances by following the Twister spots, or you can connect your own MP3 player to the device and practice or show off your new moves to your friends. Contents of the Twister Dance Game

Built-in dances include “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears or “Whip My Hair” by Willow. Or dance to your own choices easily.

Twister Dance electronic game

Twister Dance ditches the mat and spinner for movable dots, an LED console and a pop-music soundtrack. Players set up their dance floor and the flashing lights guide where to put their feet. Requires: 4 x AA Batteries Contents: 1x twister unit, twister dance spots.
Board Game Latest Monopoly version

Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire is just like the classic property trading game, but with a new twist. Everything is worth a lot more and there are more ways to play. You pay rent, buy houses, collect your salary and buy properties just like the classic Monopoly game. But in Monopoly Millionaire, there’s no need to bankrupt everybody–the first player to make a million dollars wins simple as that!

Board Game Latest Monopoly version

Upgrade your lifestyle along the way

In the Monopoly Millionaire game you can rise to the top of the rich list and upgrade your lifestyle as you go. Swap your row boat game mover for a luxury super yacht and make a million in style. Private jets, big business deals. Experience the thrills of life with Millionaire Lifestyle cards–experience it all. continue reading>>

Image of Subbuteo boxed

Subbuteo Returning for Christmas 2012

Subbuteo the iconic table top football game is making another match for it this Christmas, before the boom of video games this was a very popular game. Now featuring slide, swerves and balance moves it will be interesting to see if it appeals to the more tech generation of youngsters, or maybe the parents will regress and buy it for ‘them’.

Image of Subbuteo boxed

Image of Blue Innotab 2 ideal for 4-9 year old age group

Innotab 2

The Innotab 2 is the second version of the learning tablet for kids, last years was very popular last Christmas. Enables children to play educational games and e-books and comes complete with a camera and downloadable apps. It is aimed at the 4-9 year old market. And yes the games are fully educational and not like the Apple and Droid apps but this will of course keep your young children hopefully off your phone and tablets, so family harmony can be restored.

Image of Blue Innotab 2 ideal for 4-9 year old age group

The InnoTab 2 looks much like the first version, with a 5-inch screen, and equipped with video player, art studio, G sensor, MP3 music players, e-reader, calendar, friends list, notes app and an augmented reality game. continue reading>>

Mini iPad Christmas 2012 Most Wanted

Mini iPad is due for release in a number of weeks after Apple deciding to release a smaller iPad and this is set to appeal to the masses especially those who are looking for something a little smaller than the larger version. It will be pushed as a media player and will go up against the Nexus from Google and the new Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Sure the price could be an issue but I bet many parents will give in and buy if only so they can reclaim their iPad for themselves once again. Dont forget other tablets are available but they wont be as Apple’d. continue reading>>