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Toys on Santa list 2013

The postal company Royal Mail in the UK has revealed the presents children have been asking for this year from the letters children have been sending to Father Christmas, Santa, Santa Claus, you know who, the big guy etc.

The presents children really want this year include Lego and One Direction merchandise featuring topping the list.

Royal Mail said it analysed letters from over 200,000 uk children, before they flew and delivered them to the North Pole –

The most requested toy children asked for in their Santa letters was Lego so a traditional toy, one of the latest items Xbox one was 9th place so it shows that younger children still prefer traditional and productive toys and not always tablets, and tech which if we are honest is a tad beyond their age group. continue reading>>

Toy stock 2013 Christmas seems ok at the moment…

Some people are saying that this year with a mixed bag of different toys and electronics a outright hard to find toy or gift may not happen this year. I’m not that convinced as there always seems to be stock delays or hold ups especially within the last 7-10 days when some stores always seem to be surprised by high demand.

However they could have a point,  this year for many a big expense is dominated by the head to head of Sony PS4 and the X-Box One from Microsoft a lot of people will opt for this as the main present this year due to the cost and the knowing that they will use/own for ~10 years. continue reading>>

Tamagotchi Relaunced in UK on 21st Dec 2013

The Nineties toy craze Tamagotchi the virtual pet you had to carry around with you to feed and look after is being relaunched by Bandai in the UK this time branded Tamagotchi Friends.

The original version sold 80 million units since first appearing in 1997.  The new Tamagotchi Friends will be on general sale from 21st December and it will look very much like the original but inside it has new technology, now owners can ‘bump’ other owners to send each other texts, gifts and even go on play dates. continue reading>>

Black Friday Opening Times Announced Retailers are really trying hard this year

Christmas Toy season is almost upon us with several of the big names hoping to get extra trade by Toys R Us and Target deciding to open on Thanksgiving evening they will be hoping that Black Friday starting earlier helps them tempt in the shoppers.

Target has announced it will welcome shoppers from 8pm on Thursday 28th which is its earliest opening ever at this time of year. Target has said most stores will be open until 11pm on Friday and that they plan to be open for 14 hours on Christmas Eve and 15hrs on December 26th! continue reading>>

Sulley Monster Inc Mask

So you like Monsters Inc or have your own little Monsters asking you for the latest toy or playtime costume? Well why not buy for your little monsters a real Monsters Inc Sulley Mask so they can pretend to be Sulley and be a scarier, why only use a mask for Halloween now your kids can use it to play all year round.

The jaw can open and close and move from side to side, the eye brows and lips also move which helps to make the mask more realistic as a true monsters inc scarier.Monsters Inc Sulley Mask

  • Transform into the Monsters University star player with the 100% kid powered Sulley Mask!
  • Your facial movements correspond with mask movements creating the most dynamic Monsters transformation available! Sulley?s mouth and eyebrows move when you move yours!
  • Serve up a real good scare to friends and family with the life-like facial features of Sulley! The adjustable straps make it easy to fit just right.
  • The Mask is perfect for every Monsters University fan but is made for children ages 3+.

Retail price is up to $30 typical price is $14.99
Check the price @ Amazon now
continue reading>>

Argos (UK) Announce Toy List for Christmas 2013

Christmas is starting to creep up with under 50 days to go, do you need to start looking to buy that special toy gift sooner rather than later and avoid trips to many stores and placing multiple online orders? Here is the list from Argos a large UK store group to help our growing UK visitors.

Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser

A striking cruse liner or very big boat made from colored Lego bricks. It includes many of the features of a luxury liner. This should be an enjoyable build for small kids and the larger parents who still enjoy playing with the iconic plastic blocks. continue reading>>

Toys r Us Christmas Toys 2013 List

So we are getting towards the busy shopping season and now we have predictions about which toys will be the must have this year. Which toys will be hard to find?

We will update you as different retailers announce their choices and remember some of choices may include exclusive toys so if you are looking to buy a toy which has an exclusive you will be limited to where you can pick-up your choice.

Toys r us 2013 Christmas Toy Predictions:

Sofia the First Royal Talking Vanity
Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave, Agnes and Gru Collector editions
The Ugglys
Doc McStuffins Deluxe Get Better Check-up center
Ever After High Royal & Rebal Dolls
LeapPad Ultra
Lego Legends of Chima The Lion CHI Temple
Crazy Cart
X Box One
FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet
Furby Boom
Big Hugs Elmo
Shimmer ‘N Sparkle Loom Bracelet Maker
tabeo e2
Flutterbye Flying Fairy
Skylanders Swap Force continue reading>>

Smyths Toys (UK) Announce Christmas Toy List 2013

47 days till Christmas and planning for the gifts and toys to buy is starting to increase to avoid toy shortages and ensure no disappointments.

Smyths Toy Group a UK toy shop group have announced what they think will be big sellers and must have toys this Christmas season.

Robotic Puppy Teksta

So what could be one of the toy bestsellers this year? Well the Teksta is going to give the Furby Boom a contest in the popularity stakes. So what is Teksta, well it is a robotic puppy supposedly at 8 weeks old, and just like a real puppy this robotic puppy can respond to your voice, gestures, light, sounds and as with most things yes there is an app for that.

Robotic Puppy from Tesksta Pink Blue Robotic Puppy from Teksta

Teksta contains some really cool artificial intelligence programming, the toy can bark, cry, whine, and change the eye patterns to try and explain how it is feeling. continue reading>>