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Imaginext Superman Playset

Imaginext Super Friends Superman Playset

Fisher-Price have really increased the product line this Christmas now you can allow your children to play and help Superman in his quest against Zod. I wish I had one of these when I was a young kid instead of boring books or stickers… this particular set is for the young market aged 3-8 years 🙂 ideal at priced $20-$25. Check stock level and price now

The Superman Playset is modelled after the new fortress of solitude. It comes with a disk activation that will open the armoury and will reveal Superman’s suit and cape, he will need this to fight the evil General Zod who is trying to steal the “codex key” which holds an important secret. They are able to battle in the front section where the figures will fly at each other when you clip them in then press down on one of two disks. The set also contains a projectile launcher to use against Zod as he approaches. The launcher features a ball joint base and can be positioned in multiple places on the set. Finally the set also contains two swords for superman and zod along with handcuffs and a jail to hold Zod.
Imaginext Superman Playset Superman Playset ideal for young superman fans continue reading>>

Wave Furby Boom Toy

Furby Boom

The Furby returns again for Christmas 2013 and is set to again be popular with Kids with the latest Furby Boom version. Not only do you have a Furby doll who will speak Furbish and interact, it will dance to music and change its behaviour depending on how you look after it.

Zig Zag Furby BoomFurby Boom color TriangleWave Furby Boom Toy

You can not also build a Virtual Coty with the app which allows you to collect and hatch additional virtual pets, you can raise these virtual pets with your Furby Boom, and play games together using the app on your tablet or phone. continue reading>>

Sony PS4 Console out this fall and christmas

Sony Playstation 4

The Sony Playstation 4 is due for release in November 2013 and will again compete against Microsoft this time with their latest XBox One which has similar specifications to the PS4. Check price and stock levels here: USA Link UK Link
Playstation 4 Controller Sony PS4 Console out this fall and christmas

8 fast core processor with a powerful dedicated graphics processor and 8GB of memory to keep things flying along. The controller has also been updated with more sensors and touch pads, the online experience has been enhanced to integrate with you more than before. continue reading>>

Will you find an Xbox One under your tree this Christmas

Xbox One Console

The Xbox One from Microsoft is due to arrive in November and is sure to be a must have toy this Christmas, if you have not got your pre-orders in you may need to wait till closer to Christmas to see if you can grab one directly from the shelf or in the following waves of additional stock. Retail price for the standard edition is $499 US/(£429 UK) USA LinkWill you find an Xbox One under your tree this Christmas UK Link

The new Xbox One will go head to head against the Sony PS4 in another battle of the next generation consoles which is also being released at the same time. continue reading>>

Big Hugs Elmo

Elmo returns this year as “Big Hugs Elmo” previous versions have been tickle me Elmo, and rock Elmo, and it this year again high sales of Elmo is expected again this Christmas season with a retail price of $49.99. Check stock at Amazon now

A terrific toy on many fronts. It’s a big, cuddly, welcoming toy — surprisingly big, in fact, and perfectly sized to for kids in those early years through kindergarten when they really need a friend during a no-good, very bad day.

Big Hugs Elmo Toy

The toy is durable and soft, although it’s not very soft, as others have pointed out. The personality and cuteness, along with the muppet fur, are what make Elmo huggable. The body itself is very stiff (as you might expect, with lots of batteries and electronics to bring him to life), and the arms and legs do seem a bit spindly and fragile (and again, very wiry and hard underneath the fur). continue reading>>

Despicable Me 2 Talking Figures

Despicable Me 2 was a massive hit this year and now as shopping season approaches the merchandise offerings are very appealing to children, and big kids. The noises and gestures provide for amusement and laughter to children and adults. Three talking Minions have been released Dave, Agnes and Gru.

Press the mark on Daves’s chest when pressed to hear him talk with funny expressions! Press the back of Dave’s tongue to activate Banana Mode. Move his head to hear a farting sound! LOL How mature 🙂 this will be enjoyed by the kids. Check stock and price @ Amazon continue reading>>

Talking Vanity Mirror from Disney Sofia the first

Disney Sofia the First Royal Talking Enchanted Vanity

Now your child can not only play with the Sofia the first dolls,friends and amulets. Now she can sit at her own Sofia the first vanity. Here this talking vanity, similar to what was made famous in Snow White can be used for your child to play and talk to her own talking mirror. This toy is geared for children 3-5 who are Sofia the first fans and who love dressing up as princesses.

In mid September Toys r us predicted this toy could be one to watch for the Christmas rush.

Talking Vanity Mirror from Disney Sofia the first

Ugglys Electronic Pets

So you would like a toy pet to look after and play with? How about a nice clean, cute pet… no are you sure how about a pet with a difference.


In an ugly town, there’s an ugly dog pound that’s home to the ugliest pets around! The Ugglys electronic pup-pet is the ugliest grossest pet that comes alive in your hands. Place your hand inside then get ready to gross out your friends. Open the Ugglys mouth to bwuurp (classy). Scrunch its mouth and hear it let rip with flaarps! Squeeze your Ugglys head to make some wacky faces. In total there are over 30 gross sounds to amuse and disgust your friends and parents with, you can even make your own sounds. continue reading>>

LEGO Legends of Chima The Lion CHI Temple

Last year one of the Lego promotions was the series on Lego Ninjago, this year legends of Chima with the high point being the lion chi temple and various accessories seems to be one of the focus lines. And what a set/kit it looks to be. lego-legends-of-chimaboxed

There are large orbs, waterfalls, a lion gate and drawbridge trap, to catch all those baddies. Hidden lion claw bikes, a drone fighter, tower canon which rotates, a kings tower, bedroom and prison within. 7 characters and essential weaponry is included, and if you worry about storing then you can fold the walls easily for storage so you do not need to take about your hard work.

Set story: An epic battle for the CHI has begun at the majestic Lion CHI Temple. Cragger, Crawley and Razar are battling for their tribes and trying to reach the sacred CHI orb rising high above the temple. Help the Lion and Eagle tribes to fight everyone off and restore balance to Chima once again!