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Lego Friends Central Perk

Lego Friends Central Perk

Released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic Friends TV show, a highly collectable set which as with sets like this are only available for a short time. Ideal for shopping season and Christmas 2019, could this B! Any more cool and a nice touch for its anniversary?

This collectable LEGO Ideas 21319 CENTRAL PERK set will appeal to the older kids, and I mean 30-40-year-olds who enjoyed the show and all of its celeb guest stars way back in ~1996 onwards. Or to the younger kids who are maybe enjoying it by binge watching on Netflix etc 🙂 continue reading>>

Toy Story 4 merchandise popular this Christmas

If you went and saw Toy Story 4 for yourself as you watched them all before, or took your kids to see if they liked the old and new films and new characters. You may know how popular the original Toy merchandise was when the original and sequel films came out in the 1990’s.

So as the new film came out this year 2019, the new Buzz, Woody, and many other characters have to lead to new toys and more speaking toys than ever.

What I like about the toys and series is, it allows kids to play with toys, imagine and interact and not sit on gadgets or endless videos or tech when an action figure or static plush toy can still allow children to play, laugh and enjoy. continue reading>>

Tamagotchi Interactive Toy on a Chain 20th Anniversary

The Tamagotchi Keyring Pet Toy is one of the most popular interactive toys from the 1990’s and makes an appearance as its almost time for their 20th anniversary. If you remember the original maybe you have kids of your own now who hopefully will appreciate the lack of interactivity and non-online gaming, and instead keep the pet fed, clean and healthy. 

Your kids will feed, clean up, and take care of their little portable digital friend just like the original Tamagotchi game you did back in the day, let them earn and appreciate responsibility. continue reading>>

Pie Face Game

Pie Face took the cream to the face in style when it arrived in 2015. Of course you can tell why this game was popular with the young kids and cuased much laughter and gained a popular social viral following, who at somepoint has not laughed at a cream pie in the face! It’s a timeless slapstick comedy routine which has made its way into the inspiration of this Hasbro’s Pie Face Game.

Pie Face is as easy as pie to set up and play, although clean-up will be required so don’t forget a cloth or towel :).
To get started, players attach the purple Chin Rest and Splash Card Mask to the Pie Thrower base, this comprises of two handles and a throwing arm in the shape of a hand.
After setting the throwing arm in place, you add the pièce de résistance: a dollop of whipped cream from your kitchen. continue reading>>

Chow Crown Game

Chow Crown is a musical crown-spinning, chow-chompin’ game. Simply put on the crown, then load the dangling forks with various food. (Food Not Included, make sure you purchase via the store so that you don’t pretend with no food) Ok with food you are ready?

The crown will spin around and play music – so the challenge begins! Players try to bite off the food without using their hands and aim to eat them all before the music stops. Want more of a challenge? Switch from the short game mode to the longer game mode. The player who eats the most food wins.

Chow Crown Game Crown on head Chow Crown Game Box

This toy or could be a surprise just like Pie Face was, who would have guessed that one!?!

Toy Features:

    • Food attaches on forks around the crown (Food Not Included. Additional purchase required)
      • Try to eat the spinning food before the music stops
        • The player who eats the most food wins.
          • Hilarious family fun
            • 3 x AA batteries required (Not included)
            • Contents: electronic crown base, crown front, crown back, arm holder, 3 jewels, 6 crown arms, 6 plastic forks and game guide

Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat

So if you or perhaps your child is a Harry Potter fan, and if your head will fit why not enjoy a Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat they have been launched in late 2018 in time for the winter and Christmas season. Since the movies, Harry Potter toys and merchandise are always popular at all times of the year, with this “toy” the hat moves and can talk a small number of phases, perfect for the young witch or wizard to enjoy.

This wise old Harry Potter Sorting Hat has 5 phrases to choose a house for the young witch or wizard who wears it. So, will it be Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Need to know features:

    • A great gift for any Harry Potter fan
      • Dimensions: 41 cm in diameter
        • Contents: A Harry Potter Sorting Hat
        • Batteries Required: 3 AA Batteries (Included)

Fingerlings Hugs Bella, Borris, and Kingsley

Fingerlings Hugs

These new Fingerlings Hugs came out in the summer of 2018 and are another toy tipped to be very popular this festive season. Three versions are available, Pink Bella, Blue Borris, Kingsley Sloth so one, two or all three perhaps depending on how many little ones you have. These are the cuddly versions of the previous popular Fingerling Monkeys which were a huge hit for Christmas 2017.

Fingerling Hugs


    • Perfect for big hugs
      • Swing her, pet her, and rock her to sleep
        • Give her a kiss and watch her kiss you back!!
          • Record what you say and watch her repeat in funny ways
            • Throw and twist her in the air for a silly remix
            • Contents: A Fingerlings Hugs Pink Bella

            Blue Borris:

              • Perfect for big hugs
                • Swing him, pet him, and rock him to sleep
                  • Give him a kiss and watch him kiss you back!!

L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll

The LOL Surprise Doll Range continues to be hugely popular and is predicted by many retailers to be one of the musthavetoys for 2018 and Christmas season, hope Santa got his order in early. This brand of Under Wraps Doll contains 15 surprises – Make sure you use the spyglass to find the clues.

As with the others, you know the drill, if you can get one for a reasonable price get one as the prices to change widely for these. Your child or yourself of course then peel open the layers and follow the clues and unwrap the items for the doll, sorry many dolls, you need a few right.

    • L.O.L. Surprise eye spy under wraps includes 15 surprises! (1) spy glass (2) secret message sticker (3) surprise codes, (4) bottle, (5-11) mystery disguise, (12) shoes, (13) fashion accessory, (14) outfit, and (15) lol surprise eye spy under wraps doll.
    • Find surprise clues with the lol surprise eye spy series spy glass.
    • Feed or bathe your lol surprise doll to discover water surprises!
    • Capsule becomes a purse carrying case and doll stand.
    • Collector’s poster

    A great comment from a happy purchaser:
    My daughters Loved these, and I was happy that they each got a separate one. My girls got 80’ss B.B. and Countess. I was worried that they may not be authentic due to one review, but they are 100% authentic and 100% fun for my girls!
    I went to purchase two more for them last night and the price had jumped to $24. I looked again this morning and it had gone back down to $13.88.

Fingerlings – Monkey, Dinosaurs, Unicorns and more

Fingerlings are a very popular collective toy and came out in 2017 a number of different animals and characters are available and this includes Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Monkeys. Monkeys were the first and are still one of the most popular.

This is going to be one toy that you’ll want to buy while you still can. Fingerlings quickly became the musthavetoy of 2017 and have continued to be popular into 2018 and the urgency to get your hands on one of these collectable, interactive, crazy cute toys. Newer cuddly versions called Fingerlings Hugs are available for 2018 and are already proving hard to find this season for 2018.

Fingerlings Raptor Gohst Gray Fingerlings Monkey Eddie

Fingerlings (suitable for age five and up) will react to sound, motion, and touch. They can turn their head, blink their eyes, and make adorable baby monkey sounds. Over 40 animations bring these baby monkeys to life. They will cling to pretty much anything: a finger, a notebook, a pen, a spoon, and so much more. Kids can swing them by their tail, pet them, or rock them to sleep.

So many different types to collect and keep the craze going from the popular Baby Unicorn Fingerlings who love to grab onto things… which means especially your fingers! This unique little pet responds to you with special unicorn noises in response to sound, motion & touch. She will let you know how she feels with her blinking eyes and head turns. You’ll get different reactions if you pet her, rock her to sleep, or hold her upside down. If you blow your unicorn a kiss, she will kiss you right back! You can also brush her soft rainbow mane and tail, and she has a tiny horseshoe on her rump. Magical friendship at your fingertips!- Awww right, hmmm maybe lol, maybe not.