Teal Furby Boxed Ready to be taken home this Christmas Season

Christmas 2012 Toys

A number of previous characters are reappearing for Christmas 2012 here we detail which ones were the ones to look out for and what will be some of the must have toys this Christmas! Technology will again feature heavily with iPad Mini, Wii U, and numerous tablets but have no fear traditional toys and favourites will be making a come back such as Furby, Subbuteo amongst others:

Teal Furby Boxed Ready to be taken home this Christmas Season


Furby back for 2012 this edition returns after a 14 year break from the toy market. This version comes with softer fur which hides touch sensors and more realistic characteristics. The eyes have changed to backlit LCD screens! [Read More…]


Wii U Game being played on screenNintendo Wii U Due for release on November 18th in the USA the Wii U will be one of the hard to find items this Christmas. It aims to build on the success of the Wii of several years ago. This time the console comes in either standard for $300, or deluxe for $350 the latter comes with a black finish, more memory and a game. [Read More…]      

Mini iPad
So Apple have decided to release a smaller iPad and this is set to appeal to the masses especially those who are looking for something a little smaller than the larger version. It will be pushed as a media player and will go up against the Nexus from Google and the new Kindle Fire from Amazon. [Read More…]

Image of Blue Innotab 2 ideal for 4-9 year old age groupInnotab 2 – Second version of the learning tablet for kids, last years was very popular last Christmas. Enables children to play educational games and e-books and comes complete with a camera and downloadable apps. Sure they are educational and not like the Apple and Droid apps but this will keep your young children hopefully off your phone and tablets. [Read More…]


Image of Subbuteo boxed Subbuteo – the table top football game is making another match for it this Christmas, before the boom of video games this was a very popular game. Now featuring slide, swerves and balance moves it will be interesting to see if it appeals to the more tech generation of youngsters, or maybe the parents will regress and buy it for ‘them’. [Read More…]