Harry Potter Magical Capsule Collectable

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Harry Potter toys are always welcome with newer fans every season discovering the iconic books, films and toys. The Harry Potter surprise collectable is seven surprises including a different Hogwarts character. I have not been able to find these in any stores or toy shops, they seem to be a popular toy during the lock down 2020 season.

Get set for the latest craze in collectables with the Harry Potter Magical Capsules! Unbox and collect these enchanting witches, wizards, magical creatures, and accessories from the wizarding world.

Each bronze Hogwarts Crest capsule contains one of ten available Harry Potter characters, one of which is rare, and one of which is an ultra-rare mystery! All the available characters from Series 1 are listed on the handy included collector’s card.

Inside each crest you will find seven magical surprises. Begin by opening compartment one to reveal a heat change Hogwarts Crest, and compartment two to reveal a spell written in secret ink which only reveals itself when dipped in water. Can you decipher the clues? Only true Harry Potter fans will know which figure is waiting for them inside!

Finally! You are ready to open the main compartment, which contains four wrapped parcels. Save the biggest for last to finally reveal the identity of your character! Each character comes with a magical creature or pet, a wand, and a surprise accessory. This unboxing journey of discovery makes a perfect gift for Harry Potter fans young or old.

Series 1 Harry Potter Magical Capsule measures 9.5cm x 8.5cm x 5.5cm. Please note we are unable to honour requests for specific characters, as the capsules are sealed and sold blind. Not suitable for children aged below 4 years.