Hatchimals Surprise

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Hatchimals are back building on their 2016 success with Hatchimals Surprise in 2017 which are becoming a must have toy and hard to find toy especially building up towards the festive season.

Hatchimals Surprise are here and they have something slightly different, not just one Hatchimal, you can hatch TWO that’s right TWINS!

These loveable Hatchimal twins are hidden Hatchimals Surprise Twins Boxedinside a speckled magical egg. If you are of a certain age and choose to use your love and care to help them hatch!
You can flip it, tap and it will answer you by tapping back, and if you listen very carefully you can listen to the heartbeat of them, aww bless. These critters hatch upwards so watch out, these twins can be identical or fraternal.

  • Giraven versions have pink fur with blue spots for identical twins or pink and yellow spots for fraternal.
  • Peacats face is blue fur with purple stripes for identical, or yellow and purples fur with blue spots for fraternal.

Three stages of development are a baby to toddler, to a kid and at each stage, you can unlock different ways to play and interact. Of course being a twin they don’t need to get lonely and can enjoy interacting with their twin when facing each other and can really sense, and respond. This can include sharing secrets, playing games and getting their dancing shoes on.

Hatchimals Surprise Twins Purple Hatchimals Surprise Twins Pink

You can hold and play with your egg and they will respond with sounds to let you know how they feel. You can record a short message and they will play it back to you.

When it comes to time to hatch their eyes will go rainbow. When the first Hatchimal is outside of the egg you can help the second and enjoy the fun.
One twin loves to move while the other will prefer to copy and repeat what you say, so they love to interact and of course, will also bicker at times!

What’s In The Box/Battery Requirements:

  • 2 Hatchimals
  • Instruction Guide
  • Cheat Sheet
  • 2 AA batteries and 3 LR44 button cells batteries required (included).

Once your twins reach the toddler stage, Twin B can record and repeat what you say! For even more fun, lift Twin B up to hear your message in a higher voice. The higher you lift, the higher the voice! Drop them down and they’ll use a deep, deep voice.