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Jenga you know the wooden block game where you try to win by not making the tower fall over as you take it in turns to carefully remove a block. This is a classic toy for every child and essential for every toy box. Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? You gotta get the Classic Jenga game!

It’s the perfect game for everyone, with edge-of-your-seat, gravity-defying action. Do you dive right in and pull your block, or take your time and study the stack? Any way you choose, show your Jenga style!

Be creative with the Classic Jenga game! Play by the rules, or go rogue and make up your own! Classic Jenga is so simple and uncomplicated, you can play any way you want to. Got a few minutes? Play solo by yourself and beat your own highest tower. Friends around? Break out the blocks, stack them up, and go. You can play it safe and pull the loosest block you can find. Or take a chance on a block that’s a tighter fit. The tower may crash or stand, but either way, it’s the ultimate block party!

jenga classic wooden toy

It’s all about the blocks. Build the tower by stacking layers of blocks. Then take turns pulling just the right block carefully from the main tower.

The tower might wobble or teeter, but as long as it doesn’t fall you’re still in the game. As the blocks head upwards, the suspense grows.

Keep the blocks balanced, and upright and you win!

I think Jenga must be one of the games as a kid most people used to play loads, especially around a friends house or after school, I would usually get bored of it after a half a dozen or so times especially the putting the blocks back into the plastic and making it back into a tower. I liked the slightly tactical and steady hand nature of it. Unfortunately, it didn’t make a couple of times playing giant Jenga any easier.