LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit (847 Pieces)

Combine traditional Lego sets with the tablets and phone apps which kids already use constantly. LEGO creations come to life with LEGO Boost, a robot kit for kids! Using the free app on a tablet, kids can code behaviours into whatever they build! If you are of a certain age you may like me think this set has more than a similarity to Johnny Five, need input… from the 1980’s I think it looks very cool anyway.

Combine the versatile LEGO building system with advanced technology to boost your creativity with the awesome LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox.

build and code any of the 5 multifunctional models including:

  • Experience Vernie the Robot – moving and talking robot; the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4) – a robust, versatile rover with 4 different tool attachments including a spring-loaded shooter
  • Guitar4000 – a musical instrument with pitch bend and sound effects; Frankie the Cat – an interactive pet that plays, purrs and expresses its mood
  • Auto Builder – an automated production line that really builds miniature LEGO models! Bring your creations to life with the app’s intuitive, icon-based coding interface and complete an array of exciting activities designed for each model.

They can build and code interactive, motorized robots, models and creations with distance, color and tilt sensor technologies

This set also comes with a playmat for use with specific activities, and a LEGO Boost wall poster

Buyers comments:

LEGO boost is 80% of the learning at 50% of the cost and 20% of the hassle of LEGO’s fancier Mindstorms product. LEGO Boost compares really well to all other competing robots out there, so if you want your kid to know about coding, robotics, mechanics or technology, it’s a really easy choice. The age range is spot-on: 7 to 12 years old seems just right.
TOP PROS: 1) Great value for what you get; 2) Extensive models for a lot of fun; 3) Painless setup so that kids can use the app and Bluetooth connection easily.
TOP CONS: 1) Needs an iPad or Android tablet, which can triple the cost; 2) Limited accessories and other sensors/motors so far; 3) App can be very confusing at times and the “unlocking” of levels is irritating