Lil Surprise Outrageous Littles L.O.L. Surprise

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Lil Outrageous Littles are a mystery doll which is packed inside a small softball sized blind box, this is then wrapped in layers or plastic. Each layer hides a surprise with 7 surprises in total to reveal and uncover. So it’s a bit like pass the parcel at children’s parties but of course, these surprises are just for the one person to carefully open.
These blind toys are definitely a must have toy for 2017 and Christmas season, many reports or being hard to find and we are told there are around 45 to collect if that’s your thing…. But of course you have to open them with all layers to reveal them! The retail price is $8.99 but you typically need to pay much more as they are proving hard to find.L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise

The surprises could include

  • Secret messages – Shhh it’s a secret
  • Stickers – who doesn’t enjoy stickers after all
  • Items like a baby bottle for your main present
  • Shoes and outfits to ensure your baby is kept warm
  • An accessory to make sure your baby is kept entertained and is not left out

So the layers are plastic and have marked edges to tear off to reveal the hidden layers and puzzles. You can even ‘feed’ or bathe the doll to make things happen like color change, make tinkle, and even cry.
The layers and theme is a very cartoon based, with very slightly similar to Bratz dolls in appearance if you squint a bit but maybe that is just me.

As the layers are removed and you get to the core were chambers and the accessories are revealed you then can open the small bags and reveal the doll and a couple of bits of assembly attaching the head to the body is required.

Do not throw out the ball casing this is used to give a small play area for the toy but it isn’t amazing, but then I guess what do you expect for the price point of this blind toy lol.

The ‘doll’ cries by being filled and they can squirt water, just so you know when the doll is put near your face, check if it’s loaded.L.O.L. Surprise! Surprise PetsL.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Surprise

I think these are quite a good idea they offer more suspense and some thinking rather than just a rush to unwrap and undo everything quickly, throwing the packaging and likely accessories with them if you’re not careful.

The dolls are a nice size and the water play option makes them a useful toy to have with the small kids in the bath. A downside might be the poor outfit accessories but this is more a play doll rather than traditional eyes closing, nice outfit wearing doll etc.


If you have collected all of Series 1 or just new to the surprice party then dont worry more have been released with 6 pearl surprise balls or Glitter Series versions to open or collect. If you can find them of course as they do seem hard to find and a must have and very popular with young kids.