London Lego Store Leicester Square with 880,000 Brick Tree!

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The London Lego Flagship store re-opened on 10th August 2022. Following some major Lego extension brickwork and technical Lego action allowing it is bigger than before. With better flow for customers and more space for new 3D Lego Builds and plenty of customisation Lego items.

Lego Store Tree of Discovery

London Lego Flagship Tree of Discovery

A stunning store centre piece, which brings back bygone memories of Toysrus in New York for me, if you know what I mean.

Here the Lego London centrepiece is an 880,000 Tree of Discovery and visitors are invited to explore a magical wonderland through the various windows in the rainbow tree trunk.

This Tree of discovery also features in the New York Flagship store following the rollout in 2021 there of different store formats.

A nod to British classics in Lego in the larger brick form in London Lego Stores

A new ‘Stories from Britain’ area includes Harry Potter Gringotts and Diagon Alley, along with James Bond’s Aston Martin.

Easier than ever to create your own Lego Mini Fig from a favourite photograph in the personalisation studio.

A play-and-learn walk-through of over 9 years of the Lego story and interactive story table to watch behind-the-scenes clips and interactive interviews with designers and videos.

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Lego London Leicester Square Google Map Link

Lego Trivia only one for now and two further on do not worry

Where is the Largest Lego Shop?
Answer: London Lego Store – The flagship London Lego store is now the largest Lego store and in 2022 recently completed an additional 330 sqm extension, brick tastic!

The Store at Leicester Square is the biggest store anywhere in the world! It spans two floors, packs in 914 square metres of Lego fun and even features a huge Lego model of London’s famous clocktower, Big Ben*.

Towering at an incredible 6.53 metres tall, LEGO Big Ben has a working clock that’s illuminated at night – just like the real thing! As well as Big Ben, there are loads of other fantastic models to make the heart of every Lego fan beat a little faster.

Fun Fact Big Ben is actually the name of the bell that rings at the top of the famous tower. Since 2012, the clocktower itself has been called the Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen and her long reign.

Everyone still calls it Big Ben though… and the personal fact… I have seen Big Ben and was able to apply for a tour of the Tower to see how it works and stand behind the clock faces in awe!

We then continued higher to the bells themselves, and yes waiting for the next toll of the bells… and Big Ben actually has a fairly big hole at the top, which I believe the guide said happened when they were trying to move it many many years ago… in a time well before cranes… it’s a big bell ok?
This was before the recent cleaning and renovation of the tower which has been taking place.

Where is the Lego Headquarters HQ?
Answer: It is a danish brand and not owned by a corporate or VC yet, in 2022 they complete their state-of-the-art HQ campus upgrade building in Billund Denmark, read more here

What country has the most Lego shops or stores?
Answer: At the time of checking the Lego Group has 170 stores, 96 in the US, 18 in the UK, 17 in Germany, 13 in Canada and so on, and of course, they have outlets at their own Lego Parks and within Airports or Disney Parks also. So has around 700 branded stores in over 50 countries around the world and growing fast.

Thank you for reading this page and excuse any ranting or mistakes, if I have please let me know. If you are a Lego fan and would like to write a piece on a favourite model or earliest Lego set please do contact me. I would love to grow this site as a more general toy information site, without going strictly retro or only pushing the trending toys.

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