Pictionary Air Game

Did you used to play classic Pictionary, well now you can treat yourself and give Pictionary Air a play with your family. Instead of drawing on paper and rushing and what is that supposed to be, you can save thr trees by
drawing in the air and the drawing, sketch, will show on the app installled on you smartphone or tablets!

All you need to do is point the in-app camera at the person attempting to draw and they will appear along with the ‘drawing’ on the screen, seems cool to me.

Pictionary Air Box Image

The set includes one Pictionary Air pen, 112 double-sided clue cards, card box and instructions. And of course if you have extra cards or add on cards from previous family times or gifts that is fine. continue reading>>

Lego Friends Theme Sets

Lego Friends is a Lego Theme of different sets for kids of all ages, although it was started to be aimed more at girls and to capture the girl market. The theme of ‘Lego Friends’ began in 2012 and at the current time there have been 258 different sets, and on checking online I can see 58 listed, plenty of choice of locations, animals, characters to let kids build, play, and interact.

If you are looking for the Friends Central Perk Set from the TV show made from Lego which was released in Sept 19 as part of the 25th Anniversary click here. continue reading>>

Blume Doll Toy Garden Playset

If you would lie to encourage and educate your child in play with dolls, garden and growing, then the Blume Doll and Blume Playset could be for you. These are similar to the L.O.L. but instead of using all that nasty non eco plastic. You can use a Blume doll and add water to unlock the surprises and mysteries within with the Blume Deluxe Secret Surprise Garden Playset!

Blume Doll Toy Garden Playset Image

Simply add water to the items in your Blume Doll playset and watch the surprises come to life!

30 hidden treasures await you and if you can find a rare Blume Doll to collect, you can open the jumbo flowerpot and reveal the surprises inside! continue reading>>

Blume Series 1 Surprise Doll Toy

Roll up roll up read all about toys and a possible new must have toy to keep your children entertained and Introducing Blume this could be the latest collectible craze! And will aim to give the L.O.L. brand a run for its money.

Blume dolls come packaged hidden inside their flower pots, so then you just need to add water to the Blume pot, and watch them grow and bloom right before your eyes! Who new gardening was so fast.

Blume Doll S1 Image Toy

Each Blume Doll comes with crazy squishy hair that matches their distinctive personalities, outfits and styles. If you don’t like the outfit? You can mix and match, accessories & friends between the dolls with ease. continue reading>>

Toys for Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Are you a little bored of the same toys which come out every Christmas Maybe looking for some great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and little people, make this year a little bit different.

Here we will detail some of our favourite to dos for toddlers this season and of course if you happen to be reading this at a different season, we hope this helps.

Fed up with the same old toys that come out each Christmas?

Looking for some great Christmas gifts for toddlers this year that are a little different? If so checkout our favourites….

Peter Rabbit Maracas Set: Toddlers will love shaking these brightly-coloured wooden maracas and the illustrations they’ll love. I am a big kid now, but I still remember my Mum getting the Peter Rabbit books and presents, defiantly helped me to recognise animals and story time. continue reading>>

Gator Golf Box

Gator Golf

Gator Golf is perfect for the little people to perfect their mini golf and co-ordination with a game or three of Gator Golf in the house or the garden. Simply Tee up and take a swing right into the gator’s mouth, just not too much else you may bop him on the nose.
A simple Gator Golf is a fun, quick game for kids ages three and up. Take turns with the flamingo golf club and putt towards the gator’s mouth. When they get a hole in one, the hungry gator will toss the ball back towards them with its tail.
Place a bird on its back to keep track of the score then keep takin’ turns until somebody gets three points!
continue reading>>

Jumanji game and board 2019

Jumanji The Game Adult

Things get a bit wild with Jumanji, the board game based off the 1995 movie and seen in the 2017 adaptation. Players take turns rolling dice and moving through the jungle careful not to get a danger card. When it happens, they must use a decoder to find out if disaster strikes! Race against time, reach the centre and shout “Jumanji!” before the jungle gets the best of every player. Typical price for this version in the states is $19.99.

Baby Shark

So I am betting you have heard the Baby Shark or one of the bits to its tunes and you really wish you hadn’t, or worse still, like me found myself repeating short bits of it hours and days later for no reason. Baby Shark is catchy and infectious for sure. So of course “Baby Shark” is a children’s song about a family of sharks, which really had a boom moment since 2016, spreading through social media, online video, and radio as a viral craze.

Barbie Care Clinic Playset

You have to give it to her Barbie seems to have every Christmas or Birthday covered for those Barbie loving girls or boys and latest is the Barbie Care Clinc Playset, also out this toy season is the Barbie Plane so either can help you enjoy Barbie adventure time and of course trying to eep all the items and accessories inside the unit is always fun… Or instead have a small case or bag to go with it makes carrying Barbie essentials much easier.

If you open the left side of the vehicle and pull down the yellow couch or sofa depending on where you from you can transform it into a waiting room, complete with a fish tank. Behind the fish tank there’s a mini gift shop, where you can buy a balloon or a teddy bear for Barbie’s patients. continue reading>>