Robotic Puppy Teksta

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So what could be one of the toy bestsellers this year? Well the Teksta is going to give the Furby Boom a contest in the popularity stakes. So what is Teksta, well it is a robotic puppy supposedly at 8 weeks old, and just like a real puppy this robotic puppy can respond to your voice, gestures, light, sounds and as with most things yes there is an app for that.

Robotic Puppy from Tesksta Pink Blue Robotic Puppy from Teksta

Teksta contains some really cool artificial intelligence programming, the toy can bark, cry, whine, and change the eye patterns to try and explain how it is feeling.

The Teksta also contains sensors to know if he is being stroked, fed, talked to, and played with. When the sun goes down the toy will automatically fall asleep wake up in the morning to try and greet you just like a real puppy.

  • The new fourth generation Teksta featuring the latest in robotic technology with over 100 physical and interactive play features
  • With his expressive beaming eye patterns that light up in different colours, learn how Teksta is feeling , know when he’s hungry, wants to play or simply wants your loving attention
  • Download the free app, and you can programme Teksta wirelessly via Apple + Android
  • Requires 4x AA Batteries (not included)

Petting recognitionTouch sensors at the top of Tekstas head controls his personality and mode, he will react to your touch and loves affection!

Light and Sound recognition
Teksta reacts to light and sounds, he wags his tail and moves his ears when he’s pleased to see you, he will walk towards you when called.

Auto StopHis auto stop sensors ensure Teksta stops and does not bum into objects and hurt himself.

With Tekstas variety of emotions learn how Teksta is feeling with his multi coloured eye patterns and respond accordingly to make him happy.

Magnetic Mouth
Teksta will let you know when he’s hungry, feed him with his bone to make him happy and throw his ball for him to fetch like a real puppy.

Infra red Technology
Get a couple of Tekstas together, with infrared technology Tekstas respond to each other, interact and play just like real puppies!

4G and Wireless Technology
Download the free Teksta app. Connect Teksta to your wireless devices to control him. Use the facetime option and watch as Teksta communicates and mimics his cyber friends.

Two different color schemes available Blue and Pink.