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Lego Friends Theme Sets

Lego Friends is a Lego Theme of different sets for kids of all ages, although it was started to be aimed more at girls and to capture the girl market. The theme of ‘Lego Friends’ began in 2012 and at the current time there have been 258 different sets, and on checking online I can see 58 listed, plenty of choice of locations, animals, characters to let kids build, play, and interact.

If you are looking for the Friends Central Perk Set from the TV show made from Lego which was released in Sept 19 as part of the 25th Anniversary click here. continue reading>>

Lego Friends Central Perk

Lego Friends Central Perk

Released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic Friends TV show, a highly collectable set which as with sets like this are only available for a short time. Ideal for shopping season and Christmas 2019, could this B! Any more cool and a nice touch for its anniversary?

This collectable LEGO Ideas 21319 CENTRAL PERK set will appeal to the older kids, and I mean 30-40-year-olds who enjoyed the show and all of its celeb guest stars way back in ~1996 onwards. Or to the younger kids who are maybe enjoying it by binge watching on Netflix etc 🙂 continue reading>>