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Collection of many Pokemon pogs


Pogs peaked in the early 1990’s they are very similar to a Japanese card game from the 17th century. Some say Pogs started in Hawaii in 1920’s but took 70 years to be marketed and briefly had their time.
Pogs relied on two different types of disc 1) the pog, 2) slammers. Pogs were flat thin circular discs made from cardboard which usually were printed with images on both sides.

Rules varied but usually each player had their own pogs and slammers and you first had to decide if to play for keeps or not.
Each player then enters an equal number of pogs and place them into a stack face down. The players then take turns in using a slammer thrown onto the top of the stack. Any pogs which landed face up after their throw were ‘won’.
After every throw the pogs which are still facedown were placed again into a pile for the next player.
When no pogs remained in the stack the player who had the most posgs was the winner. continue reading>>