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One Rubix Cube New and sealed ready for twisting

Rubik Cube

Just about everyone recognises the Rubiks Cube, the square toy puzzle which would frustrate most people as the task of untwisting the toy so that each side returns to its own colour 9×9 cubes on each of the six sides.

In 1974 a Hungarian names Erno Rubik who was a professor of architecture and sculptor invented the cube. Originally named the magic cube, the puzzle was licensed to Ideal toy corporation in 1980. Figures in early 2009 reported sales of 350 million cubes sold worldwide.

One Rubix Cube New and sealed ready for twisting

It is easily the worlds best selling toy and unlike today’s throw away toys it will last and is not easily completed and discarded people will come back to it, and ok it is also known that cubes with stickers on have sometimes been picked off and stuck on one side to make it seem they have actually worked out the puzzle. continue reading>>