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Tamagotchi Relaunced in UK on 21st Dec 2013

The Nineties toy craze Tamagotchi the virtual pet you had to carry around with you to feed and look after is being relaunched by Bandai in the UK this time branded Tamagotchi Friends.

The original version sold 80 million units since first appearing in 1997.  The new Tamagotchi Friends will be on general sale from 21st December and it will look very much like the original but inside it has new technology, now owners can ‘bump’ other owners to send each other texts, gifts and even go on play dates. continue reading>>

Image of Tamagotchi White


Tamagotchi the digital virtual pet on a egg shaped keyring was a craze and a huge hit first released in 1996, with a new collection and designs released in 2004.
Up to 2010 over 76 million units were sold. The story is Tamagotchi eggs have been laid to see what Earth is like and it is your task to raise the egg creature.

Image of Tamagotchi White One I had Tamagotchi red with clock face
3 small buttons were all that was needed to navigate through, you could feed, clean, happiness, weight, play. The eggs goe through a number of stages of development, each stage lasts a set amount of time depending on the version. continue reading>>