Tamagotchi Interactive Toy on a Chain 20th Anniversary

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The Tamagotchi Keyring Pet Toy is one of the most popular interactive toys from the 1990’s and makes an appearance as its almost time for their 20th anniversary. If you remember the original maybe you have kids of your own now who hopefully will appreciate the lack of interactivity and non-online gaming, and instead keep the pet fed, clean and healthy. 

Your kids will feed, clean up, and take care of their little portable digital friend just like the original Tamagotchi game you did back in the day, let them earn and appreciate responsibility.

Tamagotchi Electronic Game 20th Anniversary

These newer versions are not identical to the original and the versions which have been popping up every 5-8 years. Instead, Bandai thought for the 20th Birthday of the toy to make them a little bit smaller, well things have developed in 20 years right. They have also made them much more easier to keep alive, this time around since you only have to feed them and keep them clean for the most part.

Before with the original version, you needed to disciplining them rather regularly and they were rather needy.  They are still little-pixilated blobs that really give it that retro feeling. I’m sure today kids will be rather confused by the lack of high tech interactivity at first.

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