Toy Story 4 merchandise popular this Christmas

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If you went and saw Toy Story 4 for yourself as you watched them all before, or took your kids to see if they liked the old and new films and new characters. You may know how popular the original Toy merchandise was when the original and sequel films came out in the 1990’s.

So as the new film came out this year 2019, the new Buzz, Woody, and many other characters have to lead to new toys and more speaking toys than ever.

What I like about the toys and series is, it allows kids to play with toys, imagine and interact and not sit on gadgets or endless videos or tech when an action figure or static plush toy can still allow children to play, laugh and enjoy.

Did you have a toy or character when you were young, sure many did but now TV, YouTube and gadgets can make the traditional toys sometimes be overlooked or not used as perhaps they should, and this all helps to learn and play.