Toys for Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide 2019

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Are you a little bored of the same toys which come out every Christmas Maybe looking for some great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and little people, to make this year a little bit different.

Here we will detail some of our favourite to-dos for toddlers this season and of course, if you happen to be reading this at a different season, we hope this helps.

Fed up with the same old toys that come out each Christmas?

Looking for some great Christmas gifts for toddlers this year that are a little different? If so check out our favourites….

Peter Rabbit Maracas Set: Toddlers will love shaking these brightly-coloured wooden maracas and the illustrations they’ll love. I am a big kid now, but I still remember my Mum getting the Peter Rabbit books and presents, defiantly helped me to recognise animals and story time.

Wow Toys Kitty Camper Van: Play Sets are wonderful toys for this age group and make for great use in developing imagination and creativity. So why not open up a world of make believe and pretend play with this brightly coloured, robust toy? And look no batteries are required, they run only on friction and make realistic engine noises.

Beep Beep Bath Toy: Perfect for little hands and brilliant at sticking on the bathroom tiles or the side of the bath. This will be sure to be a big hit and beep with the kids, and just what you need to let it dry a mesh bag is included for easy storage.

Mouse Trike: Toddlers love to be on the move, scooters or trikes, so this wooden trike is a hugely popular toy. Get some plasters on standby but it’s all good practice for when the first Bike and wobble time comes.

T-Rex Dinosaur Push Along: Push-along toys are always a hit with toddlers, they feel or seem to fast to them. The sturdy long handle, solid base and wheels are robust and hard-wearing, and the cute dino or other designs are most appealing.

Unicorn Number Puzzle: Your toddler will love putting the sturdy pieces together to create a magical unicorn, and as all the puzzle pieces are numbered, it’s a great introduction to numeracy and they are all the rage.

Under The Sea Train Set: Train sets are a great gift for any toddler, so we’ve chosen this one because it’s a little more unusual. It features a figure eight shaped and ocean-themed train tracks and comes with a neat little under-the-sea-themed magnetic train and carriage. Or opt for the normal magnetic-based train sets.

Tots Fluffy Friends Craft Set: All toddlers love messy play, it could be paint, pen, crayon, or play-doh who knows? So this art set is sure to be a huge hit on Christmas Day. Why not add a child’s apron or cool gloves to keep mum and dad happy? and save you some time.

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