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Pie Face Game

Pie Face took the cream to the face in style when it arrived in 2015. Of course you can tell why this game was popular with the young kids and cuased much laughter and gained a popular social viral following, who at somepoint has not laughed at a cream pie in the face! It’s a timeless slapstick comedy routine which has made its way into the inspiration of this Hasbro’s Pie Face Game.

Pie Face is as easy as pie to set up and play, although clean-up will be required so don’t forget a cloth or towel :).
To get started, players attach the purple Chin Rest and Splash Card Mask to the Pie Thrower base, this comprises of two handles and a throwing arm in the shape of a hand.
After setting the throwing arm in place, you add the pièce de résistance: a dollop of whipped cream from your kitchen. continue reading>>


So Hoverboards or balancing boards are growing in popularity, part of the boom may have something to do with parents and kids being fans of the Back to the Future Part II film which was set in 2015 (when it was filmed back in 1989) .

The appeal of being able to join the masses in flying around and speeding up by pushing yourself along on a cushion of air right… well no not yet, maybe we need to wait another 25 years before we can have a Marty McFly or Jetsons type moment and whizz around easily.

self balancing hover board led lights and pedal panels blue self balancing hover board

Many products are available from several manufacturers, but as always the basics are exactly the same, the units are powered by a lithium battery and operated by leaning in and balancing.

So another gadget similar to skate toys but with a battery, however this added power has had a number of reports of injuries and a price tag that isn’t friendly for all budgets, the major question this holiday season is — to buy or not to buy?

Here’s a guide to help you navigate the pros and cons, the safety risks and why the hoverboard has become the hottest gift of the holiday season.

Ease on down, ease on down the road: With a little practice and a lot of balance, these hoverboards are fairly easy to use. With a little effort (seriously, lean forward, go forward) you are on your way. As you get more comfortable on your board, it becomes easier to control — it just takes a little practice. (Not to mention this has to be a great core workout!)

You can get one: Though the hoverboard is the hot gift to get, it is also the expensive gift to buy, with most costing $300 to $500, from various manufacturers.

Make sure you take it careful or consider especially for kids a helmet and pads to ensure safer use.

Not smaller than a breadbox, but smaller than a Segway: Self-balancing boards are much more compact than their handle-barred counterpart, the Segway, and they weigh much less. The average weight for these boards is 20 to 25 pounds, and they are small enough to stow away in a locker or a duffle bag for easy transportation.

No bus fare, no problem: Short on bus change? Not going far enough for an Uber? Feeling too lazy to walk? No problem. Grab your hoverboard and go. The self-balancing board can range in speed of up to 10 mph and travel 10 to 15 miles on a charge.

It’s all about the money, money, money: Today’s hoverboards do not come cheap. You are looking at spending upwards of $300 and some can cost as much as $2,000. Which is just daft, I would much rather have a real electric full size scooter or fold able bike.

Ride over a crack … : If you are not careful, serious injury can occur while riding on your hoverboard. Scroll on down to our safety section for more.

Hoverboards @

Little Live Pets Clever Keet

I never did get my small pet bird to talk, sure it bopped and interacted but now with Little Live Pets Clever Keet you have an interactive, singing, talking pet bird! He’s your feathered friend whos just like a real bird only smarter! Give him a name, pet him and watch him come to life – he can talk, sing, dances and swings! He even drives his very own cart! He will repsond to your voice. Teach him to speak – he will mix up your words! You can even ask him questions and he will respond! Feed him when he’s hungry.

Play music and watch him dance to the beat! Little-Live-Pets-Clever-KeetWith playground providing various areas for your clever keet to play – sit and swing him on the perch – you can even detach the perch and carry him around! Includes adoption certificate.

1 x Clever Keet bird1 x playground1 x cart1 x instruction booklet1 x adoption certificate

CLEVERKEET… the Smartest Bird in the World.
He’s your interactive, singing, talking toy bird.

You can name your bird
You can teach him to talk
He dances to music or on his own
He drives his cart
He sings on his perch
Ask him a question and he will answer
He eats and drinks from this perch

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

The LEGO DIMENSIONS Starter Pack has everything you need to set out on epic mash-up adventures filled with iconic worlds and unlikely allies as you’ve never seen them before.
Build the minifigure heroes and fire-up the game to start the experience, then follow the in-game build instructions to assemble the loose bricks into the LEGO Gateway,
and place the structure on the LEGO Toy Pad.

There’s a whole multiverse of puzzles to solve, and challenges and enemies to face, and when you’re ready for more, collect level, team & fun packs to expand your collection.
Use whatever minifigure with whichever vehicle or gadget – go ahead… break the rules!

When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings and The LEGO Movie are swept away. To save their friends, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle bravely jump into the vortex and quickly find themselves fighting to save all of LEGO humanity. Let creativity be the guide to a building and gaming adventure – journey through unexpected worlds and team-up with unlikely allies on the quest to defeat the evil Lord Vortech. Play with different from different worlds together in one LEGO videogame, and use each other’s vehicles and gadgets in a way never before possible. LEGO Bad Cop driving the DeLorean Time Machine. Why not?! The LEGO Ninja go Masters of Spinjitsu fighting alongside Wonder Woman…yes, please! Get ready to break the rules, because the only rule with LEGO Dimensions is that there are no rules.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Packlego-dimensions-starter-pack-console

The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack is all players need to begin – Now you can build on your consoles of choice and build the base and embark on a fantastic quest. Included in the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack:

LEGO Dimensions videogame

LEGO Toy Pad
Bricks to build the LEGO Gateway
3 LEGO minifigures (Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle)
LEGO Batmobile vehicle

Build the minifigure heroes and fire-up the game to start the experience, then follow the in-game build instructions to assemble the loose bricks into the LEGO Gateway, and place the structure on the LEGO Toy Pad. Expand the adventure by collecting more minifigures, vehicles, gadgets, and new levels with the purchase of three different types of expansion packs. Use whatever minifigure with whichever vehicle or gadget – go ahead… break the rules!lego-dimensions-starter-pack-console-xbox

An Extreme Cross-Over. For the first time in any LEGO videogame, characters from a mix of some of the best brands in the universe join forces and battle in worlds outside of their own. A Dark Knight, a Wizard, and a LEGO Master Builder traveling together down the Yellow Brick Road is just the beginning…

Keep Expanding. By purchasing additional expansion packs, players can grow their collection with a variety of their favorite brands to create even more crazy combinations.
Discover Adventure Worlds. Each of the brands in LEGO Dimensions has its own unique Adventure World where players can explore, go on quests, race, and collect studs and bricks.

There are in total 14 Adventure Worlds that can be unlocked to add even more gameplay, and each world can be unlocked with any LEGO Dimensions minifigure belonging to that brand. With the Starter Pack, players can instantly access 3 — DC Comics (with Batman), The Lord of the Rings (with Gandalf), and The LEGO Movie (with Wyldstyle). And just like the levels in the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, any character can use any vehicle or gadget in any Adventure World.
More is Better. Bring up to seven minifigures, vehicles and/or gadgets into the game all at once by dropping them on the LEGO Toy Pad for the most exciting and action-filled game around.
3-in-1 Building. Build and then rebuild to power-up every vehicle and gadget. Each can be built a total of three times providing super-charged, in-game abilities with each upgrade.

The LEGO Toy Pad Does More. It lights-up, flashes and even changes color to give players clues as to where to go, what to look for, or how to solve a puzzle. Gamers command the action – where and when the physical toys are moved on the LEGO Toy Pad will impact what happens in the game.

Play Alone or with a Friend. Players can let imagination guide their solo journey or have a friend join the adventure with co-operative, drop-in/drop-out play.
The Starter Pack Will Last. The LEGO Toy Pad and the videogame found in the initial Starter Pack will offer continued compatibility with future Expansion Packs for years to come. Like any LEGO building set, LEGO Dimensions is a system of play that offers continued compatibility – everything bought today or expanded with tomorrow will continue to work.

Barbie Saddle-n-Ride Horse

Many girls love Barbies and many also enjoy the appeal and dreams of using or owning a horse some day, so Barbie Saddle ‘N ride Horse fits the bill.
Barbie doll swings up onto her horse and begins to ride in one swift motion! Simply clip Barbie doll’s gloved pink hand into her horse’s mane and push the button on the top of her horse’s brow. Barbie doll lifts herself up into the pink saddle (non-removable) on her horse’s back and the horse starts walking on her own!


It’s an awesome WOW moment that girls will love recreating over and over again! To continue on foot, push the button on the horse’s pink plastic ribbon to release Barbie doll’s hand and tell another tale. Barbie doll is ready for anything in a patterned tunic with denim cropped jacket and pink plastic pants (non-removable).


Tall brown riding boots and a stylish pink helmet make the perfect accessories for horseback-riding fun — and safety!

This horse shares Barbie doll’s signature style with pretty pink reins to match her saddle. Help Barbie doll brush out her horse’s tail with the included brush that fits in her hand. Girls will love the ability to match the excitement of their imagination with this set that captures the realism of horseback riding! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashion and accessories and her horse with movement feature and non-removable pink saddle and reins. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

To appeal to the younger toy lovers this toy season please welcome Fisher-Price Brights Beats Dance & Move BeatBo. To activate BeatBo simply press the tummy or any of the buttons on the feet, the feet buttons activate songs. If you would like to record a phase for your little one then you can, and then you or child can remix it into his favourite song, oh how technology has come on.

Fisher-Price-Bright-Beats-Dance-Move BeatBoThere are 3 modes Dance and Move, Learning & Games, and Sing-Along. Of course the learning continues with plenty of counting, color, letter and music and light show to aid learning and interaction.

4 AA batteries powers the Beatbo so make sure you have plenty of juice, and make sure you know where the switch is to ensure regular breaks are taken to prevent you learning the same old early skills yourself.

• Large, multi-colour LED grid tummy
• Fun dancing action gets his hips shaking and head nodding
• Three modes grow with baby: Dance n’ move, learning and games, customised sing-along
• Activate BeatBo by pressing his tummy or any of the three buttons on his feet
• Baby’s actions make exciting things happen – a good introduction to cause and effect
• Helps strengthen baby’s gross and fine motor skills
• Music, songs, phrases, lights and bright colours all help stimulate baby’s senses
• Age grade: 9 – 36 months

Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie

So who fixes toys I always did wonder well, Dottie or Doc McStuffings who is a six year old girl of course. With help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. Now you can help and sing and say phases such as I don’t feel well Doc – How about fixing them good with medical toys which can only be used with care on the toys to check for high temperatures, check heart rate, check ears and other vitals with the latest in toy medical technology.
Once you have worked out the correct case of the medical illness of poor Lambie you can give her a cuddle, or use the syringe to make her feel better quickly.
For ages 3 years and over
Box Contains

1 x Lambie
1 x otoscope
1 x syringe
1 x thermometer
1 x stethoscope
2 bandage sticker sheets.

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Droid figure

The Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid figure will be one of the hardest to get hold of or must have toys of the year. With the movie coming out soon and a whole new generation along with the older generation keen to enjoy the amount of new toys and tech gadgets this franchise re-launch brings. However he will not follow you around 🙁

Collectors young and old will appreciate the details of this Star Wars Interactive Electronic R2-D2 Astromech Droid. Complete with movie-accurate messages and flashing lights, this droid responds to voice commands and has a special arm designed to keep your beverage handy. This friendly robot is designed to be a fun companion for kids aged eight and up.Star-Wars-R2-D2-Interactive-Astromech-Droid

More than 15-inches tall, this sophisticated R2-D2 model boasts a secret cargo compartment, a unique swing-down utility arm that’s also a beverage holder, a removable sensor scope, a working light beam, sound-processing microphones, and an adaptable droid mood-status indicator. Sonar navigational technology and infrared location sensors help make him one the most advanced droids around.

Take Advantage of Three Interactive Modes
Intergalactic missions will be more fun with a reliable droid at your side. In companion mode, R2-D2 responds to commands like “Go on patrol,” “Light Beam,” and “Play Message.” Star Wars fans are sure to appreciate the accuracy of the messages, which are culled from famous missions he remembers.

You can even ask R2 about friends including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Jabba the Hutt. He has a different reaction to each name based on his “feelings” for the characters. And if you hit R2 on the head, he’ll make irritated beeping sounds and try to move away from you. As you get to know your droid, you’ll realize that the noises and motions he makes correspond to his “mood.”

In game mode, R2 responds to more complicated commands. He’ll act as a sentry to protect your important stuff, dance to cantina music, spin around, or play light tag. The third mode is the most complex. This command mode lets you give pointed directions that control R2’s movements. Tell him to turn left and right or go forward whenever you want, or set a preprogrammed course for him to follow.

While R2 responded to simple commands with no problems, we had difficulty getting him to respond reliably to more complex requests. We trust that, like with any voice-operated electronic system, over time it will get easier to produce a wider range of commands that R2 consistently responds to. Until then, his movie-accurate look, the way he responds to simple commands, and the convenient beverage holder make him a fun comrade.

What’s in the Box
Droid body, two steering legs, projector piece, telescope piece with sensory array, and an operation manual.
The Good: Detailed robot moves, makes authentic movie sounds, and holds your beverage

The Bad: R2-D2 occasionally has trouble deciphering voice commands

In a Nutshell: Star Wars collectors are sure to enjoy this cool, interactive droid
At a Glance
Ages: 8 and up
Requires: 4 “AA” batteries and 4 “D” batteries