Teal Furby Boxed Ready to be taken home this Christmas Season

Furby Toys are Back

Furby Toys were back and proved extremely popular for Christmas 2012 this edition returned after a break from the toy market. This version comes with softer fur which hides touch sensors and more realistic characteristics. The eyes have changed to backlit LCD screens!

Teal Furby Boxed Ready to be taken home this Christmas Season

This all helps Furby look around and dance and wiggle more easily, you can even feed Furby. They were the Must Have Toy in 1998, and were popular in 2005-7 and I would not bet against them being a sell out again this year.
Teal Furby Boxed Ready to be taken home this Christmas Season

And to top it off you know there is an app for that… well download your Furby App and you can send codes to Furby Toys.

As with the original the Furby will talk and talk, the only way to stop this is to leave it alone or remove the batteries. Furby will fall asleep after 2 minutes, but be careful if touched or spoken to it will wake up.
to start with Furby will talk nonsense, but the more time spent playing it will start to pickup bits of English.

10 bright colors are available this season from Hasbro, the retail price is $59.99+

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This cool critter develops its own personality based on the way you treat it – so make sure you play nicely, or it could behave mischievously.

When you feed, tickle and speak to your Furby, it will respond to your voice and touch. It will even interact with other Furbys and show off its funny dance moves when it hears music.

Your new friend will only speak Furbish at first, but the more you interact with it, the more English it will learn.

For even more fun, download the free Furby App on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to virtually feed it and translate Furbish.

Furbys are suitable for fans aged 6 and up and require 4 x AA batteries, which are not included


Age 6 years and up | Height 15.0 cm | Width 14.0 cm | 4x Batteries required | Manufacturer Hasbro