$100 Toy Donation Total Reached

This is a pretty cool news story that a major milestone of $100 million worth of toys and games have been given to children in need since 2003 when the Toy Industry Foundation began their Toy Bank Program – Of course it is sad that toys and games are not freely available to all like us in the west. But it is great to know that organisations and the big names can secure large donations, this year totalled $11 million in toys. – Still a pretty cool feat and big kudos and thumbs up to the 45 toy companies who have been involved 🙂

Read the full press release [here]

New York, NY | September 9, 2014 – The Toy Industry Foundation (TIF) announced today that $100 million worth of toys and games have been distributed to children in need since their Toy Bank program was founded in 2003. The historical milestone was reached following this year’s record-breaking Summer Toy Drive, which collected $11 million worth of toys. To date, TIF and its supporters have donated enriching playthings to nearly 17 million disadvantaged kids worldwide, providing them with joy, comfort and the many therapeutic benefits of play.

Thanks to the generosity of 45 unique toy companies, contributions to the 2014 Summer Toy Drive more than quadrupled over last year, growing from nearly 900,000 toys donated in 2013 to nearly four million toys in 2014.

About 250,000 toys donated by the LEGO Group during the drive brought the Foundation over the $100 million mark. Half of the LEGO Group’s donation, which included various building toys, has already been distributed to children as far away as Albania, Armenia, Romania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.