Black Friday Opening Times Announced Retailers are really trying hard this year

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Christmas Toy season is almost upon us with several of the big names hoping to get extra trade by Toys R Us and Target deciding to open on Thanksgiving evening they will be hoping that Black Friday starting earlier helps them tempt in the shoppers.

Target has announced it will welcome shoppers from 8pm on Thursday 28th which is its earliest opening ever at this time of year. Target has said most stores will be open until 11pm on Friday and that they plan to be open for 14 hours on Christmas Eve and 15hrs on December 26th!

Toys R Us announced this week that they will also be open to customers from 5pm Thursday (Black Friday Thursday Eve) through to 10pm the next day!

Best Buy said most stores will be open from 6pm on the holiday itself.

Kmart will be offering a massive 41 hours of shopping time from 6am on Thanksgiving morning.

In a competitive holiday season the retailers are trying all they can where this time of year can make up 40% of yearly revenue some chains are skipping the traditional thanksgiving dinner. I just hope the staff benefit from the extra payments and extra time and get to enjoy their time.