Sulley Monster Inc Mask

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So you like Monsters Inc or have your own little Monsters asking you for the latest toy or playtime costume? Well why not buy for your little monsters a real Monsters Inc Sulley Mask so they can pretend to be Sulley and be a scarier, why only use a mask for Halloween now your kids can use it to play all year round.

The jaw can open and close and move from side to side, the eye brows and lips also move which helps to make the mask more realistic as a true monsters inc scarier.Monsters Inc Sulley Mask

  • Transform into the Monsters University star player with the 100% kid powered Sulley Mask!
  • Your facial movements correspond with mask movements creating the most dynamic Monsters transformation available! Sulley?s mouth and eyebrows move when you move yours!
  • Serve up a real good scare to friends and family with the life-like facial features of Sulley! The adjustable straps make it easy to fit just right.
  • The Mask is perfect for every Monsters University fan but is made for children ages 3+.

Retail price is up to $30 typical price is $14.99
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