Argos (UK) Announce Toy List for Christmas 2013

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Christmas is starting to creep up with under 50 days to go, do you need to start looking to buy that special toy gift sooner rather than later and avoid trips to many stores and placing multiple online orders? Here is the list from Argos a large UK store group to help our growing UK visitors.

Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser

A striking cruse liner or very big boat made from colored Lego bricks. It includes many of the features of a luxury liner. This should be an enjoyable build for small kids and the larger parents who still enjoy playing with the iconic plastic blocks.

Lego Star Wars R2D2

Star Wars is starting to build up the marketing and films again ahead of the new films in a couple of years. This Lego R2D2 Lego will again appeal to the new younger fans, and the big kids who did not get the chance to play with anything other than action figures when they were wee Children.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

The LeapPad Ultra is the new ultra version of the well known leapPad hi-tech toy. It allows kids to write, draw and play electronic games on a 7-inch HD screen which is complete with parental controls and safe guards to keep them safe from online content. And also means you do not need to risk your own tablet or iPad being knocked or dropped.

Sesame Street Elmo Hugs

Guess whos back… back again, the Sesame Street character Elmo is back again this Christmas season. This time with mechanically controlled arms that can hug you back firmly. He can also say a couple of sweet loving words and sing a short lullaby to you before you go to bed. He can be programmed to go into sleep mode while you sleep and sing a sweet tune when you wake up.

Teksta Puppy

Teksta is a little cute robotic dog. Designed in either blue (male) and pink (female). These puppies are designed to behave exactly like living puppies. They will respond to your call, a wave and sound as well as a ray of light. They have the ability to cry, bark, whimper and back-flip.

Furby Boom

The newest version of this owl-like toy can be connected to your laptop, iphone, ipad or Android device. Furby Boom can now give birth when connected. Kids will now be able to use their laptop or smart-phones to interact and monitor Furby.

These are the toys that make up the Argos Top Toys 2013 list. Start preparing to buy the toys you want and beat the usual Christmas season traffic and out of stock problems!

Monopoly Empire

The classic Monopoly board game has undergone a lot of transformation over the years with special editions and well known names. In this version the former streets are now popular brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Sears etc. Instead of the traditional houses, you now need to build up billboards. This interesting new version of the famous game is aimed at the younger generation as well.