Wooden Toys still proving popular in modern times

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Wooden Lawn Mower Push Toy, it is surprising but great to see some toys keep the tradition of simple and nonflashy, no LCD screens. Wooden toys can still be found in most toy stores but that is on the decline and the amount of choice is changing. However, some toys are making a fight back with many Made in the USA and home countries promoting self-made and developed traditional style. Sure its a start but come on why give your kids the latest tech all the time let them play on there own or in groups and take turns or race… at least a tiny bit:

Good like Pure Play I hope you sell many and grow your home grown business 🙂

Pure Play Kids (http://www.pureplaykids.com/) is excited to launch its American-made Wooden Lawn Mower Push Toy. Made in Pure Play Kids’ Tennessee Toyworks facility, the Wooden Lawn Mower Toy is made from domestic maple and poplar. This heirloom quality wooden toy is available finished in two color variants: a vibrant Rainbow scheme or finished with red, white and blue to highlight the toy’s All-American origins.

Pure Play Kids Wooden Lawn Mower Push Toy is perfectly sized at 23-1/2” height by 8-1/2” width. As the toy is pushed, the dowel pegs make a gentle clacking sound. This sound, in turn, keeps kids smiling and in motion.
“New walkers – and those who aim to be – love pushing our Wooden Lawn Mower Push Toy,” said Tania Grant, CEO of Pure Play Kids. “Older kids also can’t resist pushing this toy, especially when they have a chance to ‘work’ after a parent uses a real lawn mower or vacuum.”

“Like all the wooden toys we made, the Lawn Mower Push Toy is both elegantly designed and sturdily constructed. Pure Play Kids Wooden Lawn Mower is designed to bring smiles to children for years, not hours,” added Mike Grant, product designer.