Classic Slinky Toy still made in the USA

Original Slinky

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Slinky is another favourite with kids of many generations, simply falling or slinking down the stairs still keeps the kids entertained, for a while at least just dont get it it tangled up. Just place it at the top of the stairs and then move one end partly down to the next step and watch it move down with that memorable swoosh noise.

The Slinky began in 1945 as part of an antivibration device by Richard James an American naval engineer. He thought the spring might be useful as a toy because of its comical walking behaviour. During his work one of the springs fell to the floor and seemed to ‘walk’.

Made in the USA the Original Slinky Boxed Images Classic Slinky Toy still made in the USA

The Slinky first went on sale in 1945 in Gimbals Department Store in Philadelphia, all 400 units sold within 90 minutes. Now over 300 million have been sold worldwide. It has become the official state toy of Pennsylvania and has even featured in films sort of, via the Toy Story franchise.

The original Slinky is made of metal for longer lasting fun, the plastic versions can become more tangled and harder to uncoil so it is always best to opt for the harder material, and hey it will then produce a better sound.