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Tamagotchi the digital virtual pet on a egg shaped keyring was a craze and a huge hit first released in 1996, with a new collection and designs released in 2004.
Up to 2010 over 76 million units were sold. The story is Tamagotchi eggs have been laid to see what Earth is like and it is your task to raise the egg creature.

Image of Tamagotchi White One I had Tamagotchi red with clock face
3 small buttons were all that was needed to navigate through, you could feed, clean, happiness, weight, play. The eggs goe through a number of stages of development, each stage lasts a set amount of time depending on the version.

The were a massive craze and were a feature of countless children’s pockets and frustration of teachers as they were distracting during school time.

Created by Akihiro Yokoi of WiZ Co. Ltd, and Aki Maita of Bandai Co. Ltd. in Japan. It was sold at the first time in 1996 in Japan. Most of Tamagotchi has a same form like a small egg shaped computer and has three interfaces at the bottom. The name Tamagotchi comes from the Japanese word ‘tamago’ which means ‘egg’ and the English word ‘watch’. Two words were mixed together to be the word ‘Tamagotchi’ .

Now in 2013 which is rather late some might say they are finally catching up with an official App, sure you can download slightly similar virtual pets but these new apps are the real deal and quite an improvement over the more basic egg version. And now you have something else to be tending to on your phone through out the day.

As with the old toy the app works by tapping three unlabelled buttons in the app’s “toy view,” which recreates the eggshell interface on your Android phone. The bleeping and blooping noises of the original are annoyingly reproduced, alerting you to your pet’s wants and needs.  If you ignore your Tamagotchi long enough and it will die and you’ll have to start over with a new pet.