A later version of Game Boy was the color version

Nintendo Gameboy

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Ask any child or adult that has grew up around 1989 and they’ll be able to talk emphatically about their favourite games on the Nintendo Game Boy. A handheld gaming device that revolutionised game play for millions of people worldwide. Multiple games were able to be purchased in a single cartridge that were inserted into the back of the Game Boy.

In its first Christmas over 1 million units were shipped in the US alone!!

It followed on from Nintendos first handheld gaming device that was released in 1980 – The Nintendo Game & Watch, and smaller lcd Donkey Kong and other dedicated devices.

Before the Gameboy were LCD style handheld games like Donkey Kong

Over the years there have been versions starting with the Game Boy. Initially the Game Boy that had a green screen and games played in green and black, the second updated version was launched in 1996 and was named the Game Boy Pocket.  Smaller in size and with a smaller requirement for batteries the Game Boy outsold its main rival the Sega Game Gear in huge numbers.  The original Game Boy was release with the addictive Tetris and the often catchy yet annoying Tetris music.

Image of what Tetris on Game Boy looked like

Yellow Game Boy pocket toy

In 1998 Nintendo launched another model in Japan named the Game Boy Light.  This was slightly larger than the Pocket version but had a slightly lit screen for dim light situations.  It was not marketed anywhere else however.

In 1998 the Game Boy Colour was launched, this consisted of a colour screen, improved battery life and the ability to choose from a number of colours console. In 2001 Nintendo released its next version. The Game Boy Advance, this version had improved processors and a new shape making it easier to hold. The Game boy advance SP was launched later and this bought a new flip style back lit screen. The Pokemon franchise was bundled and led to growing popularity with the Gameboy color and huge numbers were sold off the back of the characters.
A later version of Game Boy was the color version

In 2005 the successor to this model was the Game Boy Micro. A version that could be held I’m the palm of one hand.  This changed the shape and face of Game Boy. This was the predecessor of the Nintendo DS it was not launched globally.

The Nintendo Game boy revolutionised handheld gaming specifications for millions of gamers, not only improving handheld gaming over the decades but also contributing to improved technological advances including wireless abilities, cameras added and link gaming.

The Game Boy had a slew of accessories including a light and magnifier, carry case, cable for multi-player gaming and even a printer.