werebears to you remember them


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Werebears were launched in 1983. They were designed and aimed at the market for boys so that they could have a bear and not fear being bullied for this. They were designed and launched by a children’s author George Nicholas.

Initially there were 4 bears with he names of Fang, Howler, Gums and Grizzler.  In 1986 a further bear was launched with the name of Grizzler. With each were bear came a story tape that had two sides. One side telling the bears own story and the other telling the story of how the bears started. This was read by the narrator of bag puss – Oliver Post gate.
The ending of the bears own story was left open for the child themselves to use their imagination and decide upon the ending.

werebears to you remember themeight  werebears in different colors

The marketing rights for Werebears in the late 80s or 90s was by toy giant Hornby but they soon discontinued the bears after a short period.
In December 2012 the Werebears were launched for a second this time. This time they are available primarily from the supermarket chain Farm foods.