Three Care Bears and some Care Bear Books

Care Bears

Care Bears were originally used in Artwork for use on greeting cards in America by American Greetings. In 1983 this artwork was turned into plush teddy bears and a TV series started and was popular through till 1987 a movie was also released.

Each Care Bear came in a different color and has a specialized logo on its belly which represented its duty and personality. In the movie these were referred to as Belly Badges.

Expanding on from the Care Bear family were additional characters lion, rabbit, racoon, penguin known as the Care Bear Cousins.

Serveral Care Bear Plastic ToysThree Care Bears and some Care Bear Books

In 2002 they were reintroduced with new toys they included illumination bellies, glow in the dark, and a couple of movies were released.

In 2007 the franchise celebrated its 25th anniversary another re-launch took place, and in 2008-2009 they were still being marketed successfully.