Image of Pop Up Pirate Game and Box

Pop up Pirate

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Pop Up Pirate a game that was enjoyed by thousands when they were little and still proving very popular purchases for parents today.
A simple game for 2-4 players, enjoyed by all generations. The game consists of a plastic barrel, a small pirate to placed in the top of the barrel and multiple plastic swords to place into the slots on the side of the barrel. Each time the game is played a random slot will cause to pirate to “pop’ out of the barrel.  Each player takes it in turn to place a sword into the sides.  Whichever player causes the pirate to “pop” is out and the game is won by the last player remain without popping the pirate.

Image of Pop Up Pirate Game and Box

Several editions have been manufactured since the initial version was released.  These include Mario, Lilo & Stitch and Darth Vader.  A board game version – Pop Up Pirate Treasure Island – has also been released that consisted of players trying to get golden coins from a treasure chest that “Blackbeard” guards.  One sword will win by opening the chest.
More recently a computer game version has been released as a wiiware game. Released on 13th February 2009 this enabled the player to play a digital version of the game and replaced the pirate with their own Mii.

Pop Up Pirate can provide hours of fun to children without the need for batteries and keeps them away from a TV or Computer screen for a while.