Skip-It Toy


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Ask any girl that grew up in the late 80s and 90s and they’ll be proud to be able to boast of their skip-It talents. An apparatus that was able to be used by one person to skip.  One end had a ring that was able to be placed around the ankle, and the other, a ball connected together so that the child would be able to jump over it.

First released in the 1980s and proved extremely popular, but re-released in the 1990s when it became even more popular with the added bonus of a counter.  It was so popular it actually made Times magazines top 100 toys list.  Other than the counter other items were to be able to added to the Skip-it.  These ranged from stickers, streamers and charms to covers that would make patterns while being skipped.

Skip-It Toy
Designed by Avi Avrad and Mel Kennedy it was actually based on a similar toy that had been made in the 1960s on a similar concept this was called a Lemon Twist. The ball in that toy was actually a weight that was a lemon shape.  Skip-it was made by Tiger electronics and actually ceased manufacturing in 2009.  However a spin off with the game twister was released in February 2013 by toy giant Hasbro – Twister Rave Skip-It. The idea of this version is to skip until you have all 4 lights showing with over 20 light patterns.  If you stop skipping the Twister Rave Skip-It resets.