red and blue koosh ball

Koosh Ball

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The Koosh ball was a toy rubber ball with a soft rubber code with strings of rubber emrging from it. It was developed in 1986 by Scott Stillinger so that his children could throw it around without damage. It was named after the sound it often made on landing.
Scott set-up his own company with his brother in law who had previously worked for Mattel… how very handy.

The Koosh ball was one of the Christmas best sellers in 1988 the company later expanded the products to include key-rings, baseballs and yo-yos, my favourite was the Koosh with fling, it could really fly.

At present Koosh is manufactured by Hasbro and one of the latest lines as been in crossing it with the success of Angry Birds where a softer projectile like the Koosh is ideal.

red and blue koosh ball