Image of Blue Innotab 2 ideal for 4-9 year old age group

Innotab 2

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The Innotab 2 is the second version of the learning tablet for kids, last years was very popular last Christmas. Enables children to play educational games and e-books and comes complete with a camera and downloadable apps. It is aimed at the 4-9 year old market. And yes the games are fully educational and not like the Apple and Droid apps but this will of course keep your young children hopefully off your phone and tablets, so family harmony can be restored.


Image of Blue Innotab 2 ideal for 4-9 year old age group

The InnoTab 2 looks much like the first version, with a 5-inch screen, and equipped with video player, art studio, G sensor, MP3 music players, e-reader, calendar, friends list, notes app and an augmented reality game.

Its internal 2GB memory can be expanded with a built-in SD card memory reader.