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Easy Bake Oven

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Launched in 1963 and one of Hasbro’s top-selling items in the following decades and still respectable sales in current times. Easy-Bake ovens continue to be used some 50 years later. Over 30 million ovens have been sold and over 150 million mix refills used and counting.

Invented by designers from Kenner Products now owned by Hasbro the first oven was turquoise and included a fake stove top and included a carrying handle. 500,000 were sold @ $15.95 in the first five years.

Many children’s first baking experience was using an Easy-Bake oven. They allowed kids to pretend to be grown up by having their own cooking set and with the ingredients allowed them to experience the awe of mixing and then a short time later tasting their creations… and if they had some left decorating them.

easy bake original ovenWhite version Easy Bake Oven

Twelve models of the easy-bake oven have been released since 1963, each with slightly different styles and colors to reflect the current trends. Past ovens did partner with brands such as Kellogg, Betty Crocker and others.

Early models through to 2011, still used the heat of a light bulb. In 2003 Hasbro replaced the modern versions with a low scale oven heating element. The success of the Easy-Bake led to the release of spin-offs Easy-Pop Corn Popper, Birthday Cake, Bubble gum set, and mini TV dinner sets.

In 2002 Hasbro released a version aimed at boys called Queasy Bake Cookerator which allowed them to bake cakes, and to have a boy style twist, some could turn your mouth green once eaten.