Barbie Travel DreamPlane

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With the Barbie Travel DreamPlane it is time for Barbie to switch to her obviously eco style plane. So that she and her friends can all travel in style and luxury. This plane only seems to be in one colour, and its pink so hope everyone is cool with that. You can push the plane, Sorry I mean taxi the plane around before deciding where you want to fly to, or just setup and play. Barbie you are clear for takeoff this Christmas.

Barbie Travel DreamPlane

Product Description

The Barbie Dreamplane is ready to help imaginations take off to anywhere! Kids can push it on its wheels to taxi on the ground or open up the top and side to reveal the inside and play out the ride.

Complete with realistic touches, like reclining seats, working overhead compartments. A snack cart with removable trays, are the ticket to role-play fun, a puppy is the perfect travel companion to share the adventure!
Other accessories let kids play out eating, napping or resting while watching entertainment – flying has never been so easy!

This Barbie Plane is inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. Fans can peek into the everyday life of Barbie, as she embarks on exciting adventures with her family and friends, or make up their own stories as they explore the world!
Collect other Barbie travel dolls and toys to expand the play possibilities. Young travel lovers will enjoy visiting places near and far and playing out the plane ride, eating, sleeping and entertaining themselves.

Priced around $55/£50 mark for this plane, go Barbie go!