Gator Golf Box

Gator Golf

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Gator Golf is perfect for the little people to perfect their mini golf and co-ordination with a game or three of Gator Golf in the house or the garden. Simply Tee up and take a swing right into the gator’s mouth, just not too much else you may bop him on the nose.

A simple Gator Golf is a fun, quick game for kids ages three and up. Take turns with the flamingo golf club and put it towards the gator’s mouth. When they get a hole in one, the hungry gator will toss the ball back towards them with its tail.

Place a bird on its back to keep track of the score then keep taking turns until somebody gets three points!

What age is Gator Golf for?
Ages 3 years and up 2-4 players are the box ages for this toy

How do you set up a Gator Golf?
Simply avoid any rough or uneven surfaces, especially thick carpets, and place the Gator in an open area just in case a swing room might be required. Each player chooses a coloured Gator Golf Ball. Finally, they open the Gator’s mouth and lock the jaw before playing with the ball.

Is Gator Golf the same as Gator Ball?
No, Gatorball is a drill or activity used by the military and trainers to improve cardio fitness and eye and foot coordination.