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KerPlunk is a popular children’s game which was first marketed by the Ideal Toy Company back in 1967. The game is made up of a plastic tube and a number of plastic straws or rods in various colors which numbered around 30 or 26 in total. 

The base contained four separate numbered trays and the straws are pushed through the holes midway through the tube to form a web or criss cross lattice. Then some marbles are then placed in the top of the tube, but they are held up by the straw web.

At the start of the game the whole tube is turned so that a hole of the base of the tube is in line with the tray each player is using. Players then take it in turns removing a straw one at a time… but they need to pick wisely with the aim of having the least amount of marbles falling through the web and landing into their tray.

kerplunk-in-action-who-will-win Kerplunk Boxed Image

Once a player has touched a straw, they can not change their mind, they must stay committed to remove it and hope that they are not unlucky to have one or more marbles fall at the crucial time. The end of the game is once all marbles have fallen and the winner is crowned the person who has the least marbles in their tray.

The game is available today, manufactured and marketed by the Milton Bradley Company in the UK and by Mattel in the USA, the modern version uses a pink tube rather than the original purple-colored tube.