Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set

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Kinetic sand has been popular for a couple of years and this new set allows them to mix, shape and make awesome sand patterns with this Kinetic Sand play set. Get creative with this Satisfying kinetic sand. This colourful sand is perfect for creating cool patterns and sculptures, or simply just moving and moulding!

This toy has a recommended age of over 3 years. This is the toy that’s fun to touch, squish and build with. It is soft, stretchy and easy to clean, no sand going everywhere and being really hard to clean up. This sand flows like a liquid but is solid to touch: it’s super versatile and fun for all ages.

  • Sandisfying Kinetic Sand Set complete with 10 different tools and 2lbs of Kinetic Sand, mix or marble your sand; then use the tools to squish it, cut it, scoop it, twist it and more! When you’re finished filming, share your sandisfying videos online and create again and again!
    • 2lbs Kinetic Sand (1lb of red, 1lb of blue)
    • 1 Twister with Ribboner and Grater Attachments
    • 1 Squisher
    • 1 Shaper
    • 1 Crinkler
    • 1 Scooper
    • 1 Slicer
    • 1 Dome
    • 1 Stacker
    • 1 Phone Stand
    • 1 Transformable Sand Box
    • 1 Backdrop
    • 1 Instruction Sheet