Monopoly Unicorns Vs. Llamas Board Game

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This version of the classic board game is where fans of unicorns and llamas as trend toy favourites recently have a face off around the square board to see which adorable animal comes out on top.

As with most of these versions the age specified is 8 years and above due to the amount of rules and cards, but of course supervised llama use can make the game available to all.

Monopoly Unicorns Vs. Llamas Board Game

In the game territories gained are marked with rainbow or candy cardboard title markers. The claim or buying of titles takes over where you would normally by properties in the classic original game. Titles are gained for their fuzzy friends including most hugable or cutest baby.

Get ahead with chance cards: players move ahead in the board game with hilarious Llama and unicorn chance cards featuring phrases that remind players why they love these creatures so much.

Fun board game for ages 8 and up: The Monopoly unicorns vs Llamas game plays up the rivalry of these adorable creatures; Players can have a blast trying to prove that their furry friends are the best