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Home Alone Board Game

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The Home Alone Board Game was released in 1991 in conjunction with the well know Home Alone films by games company THQ.  A board game for 2 to 4 players which consisted of a floor plan of the house, a number spinner, players pieces and pieces of ‘Value’.  The idea of the game was for each player to hide the valuables around the house as well as booby traps.  The idea of the game was to keep the valuables hidden and safe in the house, and trick the criminals into tripping the booby traps.

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Each player chooses a color, and takes that color’s 25 little cardboard squares. The squares are a mix of valuables and traps, as well as one square of the “Kid”. Each player places the 25 squares face down and scattered throughout the gameboard grid, being sure to remember which are traps and which are valuables.

Players take turns using the spinner, and moving one of the two thieves that number of spaces. Players flip over whatever squares are on the space the thief lands on, and places them on the separate scoreboard.

Should a thief land on the “Kid” square of a player, that square then becomes a cardboard “Kid” mover, and at the end of every turn the person represented by that color “Kid” is to move him the number of spaces indicated by the spinner. The game ends when a thief moves onto the space occupied by any player’s “Kid” mover.