Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon were invented by a passionate 16-year-old Italian boy called Antonio Pasion, in the 1920’s he was among the millions who immigrated to America from Europe. He was a skilled carpenter and headed to Chicago. He began to construct small red wagons out of stamped pressed metal and by 1923 he had saved enough to form the Liberty Coaster Company.

Soon after he began mass-producing the radio flyer red wagons for under $3. Countless children have enjoyed playing with the Radio Flyer Wagon pulling friends or moving things and now the range has expanded to small-large wagons, tricycle and even wheelbarrow with prices from $20 upwards.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

A full-sized steel seamless body with no-scratch edges, no-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
Extra long handle folds under the wagon for easy storage
Controlled turning radius makes the wagon safe and comfortable for children to ride in
Features durable steel wheels and real rubber tires that make for a smooth and quiet ride.

During the Second World War when Steel was essential for the war the company switched production to portable five gallon blitz cans for the US Army during 1942-1945.

In 1987 The company changed their name from Radio Steel to Radio Flyer after its iconic and flagship little red wagon.