LEGO Legends of Chima The Lion CHI Temple

Last year one of the Lego promotions was the series on Lego Ninjago, this year legends of Chima with the high point being the lion chi temple and various accessories seems to be one of the focus lines. And what a set/kit it looks to be.

There are large orbs, waterfalls, a lion gate and drawbridge trap, to catch all those baddies. Hidden lion claw bikes, a drone fighter, tower canon which rotates, a kings tower, bedroom and prison within. 7 characters and essential weaponry is included, and if you worry about storing then you can fold the walls easily for storage so you do not need to take about your hard work.

Set story: An epic battle for the CHI has begun at the majestic Lion CHI Temple. Cragger, Crawley and Razar are battling for their tribes and trying to reach the sacred CHI orb rising high above the temple. Help the Lion and Eagle tribes to fight everyone off and restore balance to Chima once again!